WhatIfGaming E3 '08: Closed Door Presentations: inFamous Gameplay and Heavy Rain Info

WhatIfGaming (7/16/08) writes: "Outside just momentarily before eating our sandwiches, we ask the man standing with 2 big boxes in front of us what will be showing to this severely limited and exclusive closed door event held by SCEA."

Video Included of SCEA Closed Doors [Quicktime Required]


For the not smart ppl out there the title already suggests this is only Heavy Rain Info. Not gameplay.

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Tinman13713d ago

AND VIDEO. Doesn't show much, but WAY WAY better than nothing. And hey, they broke news of this first. What's Ngai blabbing about ?

TheHater3713d ago

where is the video? I don't see it

NO_PUDding3713d ago

I call giant BS.

The game is no longer about that woman... it's about fatherhood. The cheatign scene isn't even aroudn anymore.

What a load of crap.. there isn't even a video....

SixTwoTwo3713d ago

Leipzig GC. We will finally see what HR is all about.

silverchode3713d ago

wasnt the heavy rain footage shown a while ago a tech demo?

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Tmac3713d ago

In big giant letters it says click to play.

kazuma3713d ago

it only loads like the first 2 seconds of the video for me

Overr8ed3713d ago

Click on - Click to play... its quicktime so if you dont got it you dont see it. sorry.

Overr8ed3713d ago

actually i saw nothing at all... a waste of time i swears

niall773713d ago

saying the Name of your site and filming your faces sure wont get Sony calling you up

looks like the short Gameplay clip was pulled quick

Tinman13713d ago

They never put up gameplay you stooge

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The story is too old to be commented.