Dr. Mario, Olimar & Bowser Junior amiibo pre-orders now open

Dealspwn reports: "Nintendo UK has announced that three more amiibo are ready for pre-order on the official store."

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FantasyDeals857d ago

I'm looking forward to owning the Dr. Mario amiibo! :) Looks the best out of the wave :) Oh, Can't forget Olimar.

Blues Cowboy857d ago

I quite like Olimar in terms of design, the transparent helmet makes him stand out and is a nice bit of detailing.

TheImprobableMulk857d ago

And so the Amiibo addiction continues...

rawrock857d ago

Ive collected amiibos I like. Of the ones that are coming I just want Dr. Mario, Wario and Gannon...

RosweeSon856d ago

Yeah they went up at 16:00 yesterday and we're all gone by 17:00, didn't get my email til later ;(