5 Games Coming in 2015 That Could Save the PlayStation Vita

When it was first introduced. Sony's PlayStation Vita came in on a high note backed with enthusiasm and big promises. Sadly, support for the portable machine quickly withered away and it became all but forgotten. Here's five games that could make the Vita's year and renew its lease on life.

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generalwinter1097d ago

Can't wait for Persona anything!

breakpad1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

simply Monster Hunter 3-4-5 also 3-4 to receive hd remaster....the games in the article are tragic

iSuperSaiyanGod1097d ago

The vita is dead in most stores . They don't even display it . If they wanted to save it it would be marketing

Nonscpo1097d ago

Personally I think word of mouth is more important at this point, too bad everyone has there head stuck in the sand and ignoring all the great games available.

cpayne931097d ago

Sony didn't deliver on their promises with the vita. That is all there is to it.

mcstorm1097d ago

@cpayne93 your spot on. I got a psv on day one expecting it to change my mobile gaming and I sold it after 12 months as it did not deliver and for me the IP's that were done for it were done wrong by Sony at the start and its never recovered. Its a shame as the hardware is amazing just lacks the software to back it up.

iSuperSaiyanGod1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

When Walmart literally has 4 vita games on the shelf & one system . Yet 3 ps2 games ..... The system is dead . No way around it . GameStop has literally about 12 vita cases on display . The system may have great games , but word of mouth won't do it . The average gamer knows little to nothing about the vita and that's the honest truth .

cpayne931097d ago

The Vita has had some good games, but Sony asked us to put down 250 dollars for a machine that was powerful and could handle console quality games. But looking at the games we get now, you question those original promises. We don't get many games that push the Vita's hardware, and we don't get a good variety of games. There are no western games that come out on the Vita anymore for one.

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ABizzel11097d ago

The Vita is dead and can't be saved, because Sony isn't willing to invest in the platform enough to save it.

The PS4 is the platform of choice, and Sony isn't going to alienate it's efforts trying to help the Vita with strong first party support at the cost of PS4 support (New IPs are already taking too long for PS4).

It's the same battle Nintendo is facing in reverse (3DS is doing great, their console not so much).

THe Vita needs AAA games, which sale to the masses, but Sony already said the cost of a team making those kind of games is reaching PS3 development cost. That money is better spent on PS4 games.

The Vita needs it's very own exclusives and identity, Sony's first party is almost completely focused on PS4, and 3rd parties aren't going to support a failing device, leaving it a Japanese and Indie station.

The value of the Vita isn't there for most consumers, because the prior two selling points aren't there. Without big AAA games, and some established handheld exclusives, there's not a large audience to sell to, and at $200, you're halfway there to buying a PS4. And also accessories (mainly memory cards) are far too expensive.

Smartphones. The Vita's selling point was being the most powerful handheld, and trying to offer a console experience on the go. Well Smartphone are always on the go, they're MUCH more powerful than the Vita.they have a good enough gaming experience to rival the Vita (except the few AAA games Vita has), they have TONS of free pick up and play games, and they're much better multimedia devices generally with 3G / 4G for constant internet access.

The VIta has an extremely niche audience to sell to, and there's almost nothing Sony can do to change that and make it a hit handheld at this point, because they don't want to.

But to save the Vita there needs to be:

1. A wave of AAA games coming to the handheld at least once a month, following E3. (Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, MGS, Resident Evil, COD, etc...)

2. A flood of exclusive handheld IP's made just for VIta, whether from Sony, 3rd parties, or Indies.

3. A price drop down to $149, Minecraft retail copy, a collection of downloadable games, a 16GB memory card or larger, at $149 or less. (buy a Vita get an instant library of games, and a play Minecratf everywhere sales pitch).

4. Limited edition $500 PS4 and Vita bundle w. PS2 themed designs, with a bunch of crossplay games, and PlayStation Now subscription included. And a $399 PS4 and PSTV bundle with a bunch of crossplay games. (PS4 should be getting a price drop down to $349 this fall).

Even then it's going to be a tough sale, besides maybe the PS4 bundles, but it should get the Vitas numbers up.

Just to show how dire the situation currently is, the handheld sold less than 900k untis last holiday season from September - December globally. The PS4 and XBO sold that much globally during the week of Black Friday alone.

If sales don't triple or quadrule after all this, then it's definitely time to drop all bundles, keep the hardware priced at $149, and just let the Vita go. Piracy will eventually kick in, which will bring ins more sales of hardware, just keep the memory cards high, to make up for the lack of software sales that will come with piracy. Same thing that happened to the PSP in the end.

Nonscpo1097d ago

I hope piracy doesn't kick in any time soon, I expect the Vita to be viable for a lot longer than the PSP was. I do however agree with you on lowering the price and stripping the bundle value, let people decide for themselves what game and memory size they want for their first Vita.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1097d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Nintendo not doing much?
Upcoming 3DS games from Nintendo or published by them:
Fire Emblem If
Yo-Kai Watch
The New Rhythm Heaven

Wii U:
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Star Fox
Mario Maker
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
Devil's Third
Fatal Frame V
The Legend of Zelda Wii U
Yoshi's Woolly World
and a bunch of unannounced Wii U games state by Iwata.

So what are you talking about?

If hardware sales you have a point but if new games coming you don't.

ABizzel11096d ago


I was talking about console sales, but even game wise Nintendo is desperately struggling with game diversity because the only support Nintendo is getting is Japanese support, which isn't enough to help their console either consider how niche the Japanese console market is dropping down to less than 25m users last gen across all 3 platforms, and possibly less if you're only counting the core.

Stop being a die hard Nintendo apologist all the time, especially when they were only freaking mentioned in one irrelevant sentence. Life is so much better and rewarding when you can make intelligent decision on your own, and not survive off brand loyalty.

Nonscpo1097d ago

Can't wait for Dangan Ronpa Another Episode!

SmokingMonkey1097d ago

Volume looks incredible, can't wait!

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