Splatoon: Video preview of ink-filled single-player

Taking an early look at the upcoming Wii U exclusive Splatoon, specifically the game's single-player campaign.

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pat_11_5857d ago

I'm still shocked at how awesome this game really is.

tastas21857d ago

Lol nintenders will eat this up. Just play a real gam elike CoD kids.

Moonman857d ago

Any system can play Call Of Doo-Doo fool...

3-4-5857d ago

exactly...DS has a COD game...doesn't make it good.

pat_11_5857d ago

Don't stoop to his level lol.

darthv72857d ago

I already have call of duty black ops for wii-u. I want something fun and this is it!

jholden3249857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

You can't be serious. "Nintenders"? Nothin but GAMERS over here kid, and we like playing fun games. Whether they be on Nintendo, Sony OR Microsoft.

Grow up.

Splatoon857d ago

Have they said how long the single player will be?

pat_11_5857d ago

It's about 4 to 5 hours I imagine.

firmstandinglaw857d ago

I love when people say "motion controls didn't work for this game, so I turned them off immediately". So what you're saying is... they DO work, you just didn't give them a chance.