Mobile Money – Is Console Gaming Under Threat?

With so many publishers focusing on mobile, are the days of console gaming numbered?

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I don't believe they are, console gaming has a long way to go before it gets replaced. I personally can't stand playing games on mobile for a long period of time, give me a controller and a big screen TV any day.

Transistor1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Just curious, why would you think that?

The PS4 is at 23M+ after roughly 18 months, outpacing the PS2.The Xbox One had a great launch and is currently outselling the 360. The Wii U was a disaster although the Wii was a huge success for them.

Just because there is money to be made in mobile, doesn't change the fact console gaming is very healthy right now.

The PS4 alone is a massive success, it's 11M-12M up on the closest competitor. If other people leave for mobile they'll be replaced. You don't need everyone to be successful to have a thriving industry. Look no further than the PS2.


Umm I don't think you meant to reply to me, my point was that console gaming is going nowhere and I actually agree with all the points you bring up.

Transistor1159d ago

You're right, apologies. It was just meant to be comment, not a reply to you. It should be comment #3 under Septic.


I agree with you, BTW.

Septic1159d ago

Doesn't make sense if you're replying to me either lol. I'm saying pretty much the same thing.

Transistor1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I was replying to the article. I meant under you, not to you.

Haha, this is going way off topic, most of the comments are about the placement of my comment.

Sorry. Lol.

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NuggetsOfGod1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Htc fanboys said console is dead and they were wrong.

Console fanboys said pc was dead and they were wrong.

Still the Nexus Master Race has a way to go.

Power wise the nvidia tegra x1 is at 1 tflop performance.

Xbox one is at 1.3tflops & ps4 is 1.8 tflops.

Will tegra x2 be at least more than 1.3 tflops? Well of course.

Consoles have optimization and standard hardware as an advantage but mobile will surpass or match at least xbox one later this year.

This should be at a more stable fps next year on x2. X3 probably will surpass ps4 well in 2016.

Let the disagrees pour in about these facts before your eyes.

If they want mobile to beat console then tegra x2 console + 360 controller + call of duty might encourage the masses.

Even if it's 720p 60fps.

For $150 - $175 it would fly off the shelves.

They already ported crysis 3 and that even now is not such a low end game.

That's 720p 30fps. Yeah nvidia performance wise(not marketing and sales wise)will out perform or match xbox later this year.

Amazing how fast mobile is growing isn't it?

They literally would have to downgrade mobile games for consoles if they put witcher 4 on tegra x3 or 4. Lol

FunAndGun1159d ago

Mobile gaming is popular because everyone has a phone.

People are not going to carry around game pads to play games on their phone.

Controls and screen size are still disadvantages to true mobile gaming.

Clunkyd1159d ago


Why do you always assume its hardware?
You think the general public biggest factor that they're interested is specs?

Man, you're really delusional.

Septic1159d ago

You know, I would have said no but as time goes on, I truly see a sort of hybrid console/mobile device. So you go home, plug the thing in to your TV as standard, sick visuals etc, but can go mobile if you want.

Right now, mobile gaming offers nothing serious to the core gamer. The mobile market is lucrative because of the popularity of simplistic games for the masses. If the mobile platform ever starts offering comprehensive core gaming support, then we can talk about traditional consoles being threatened.

Volkama1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

One day. That or we won't even need to plug the mobile in, because account-based streaming direct to any device will get there first.

That's not the near-future though. Maybe in our lifetimes.

Transistor1159d ago

"I truly see a sort of hybrid console/mobile device. So you go home, plug the thing in to your TV as standard, sick visuals etc, but can go mobile if you want."

Very far in the future, they can't even get intricate games to control properly as of now.

Also a dedicated console will always have more potential to impress, like handheld technology to console technology. Which is part of all this too, to some at least. That is a factor often overlooked.

Nekroo911159d ago

Very far in the future? I think you might regret from saying that.Jjust wait for the announcement of project nx, we know its not a console and its something in middle.

We also know that Nintendo is interest in mobile gaming, and their staff is able to create something new that we never seen before.

So lets wait for E3 2016

rainslacker1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I'd agree with that, but there needs to be a change in the thought process of mobile OS resource handling before mobile gaming can come close to console gaming. So much is wasted on mobile OS's due to the bloat that they run. This would likely require a specialized OS, so to play the mobile market in this way, it sacrifices what people actually buy mobile devices for, which is for phone and portable computer use.

The device wouldn't be as popular because of that, but could appeal to a gamer that only uses their smart phone as a phone and text service with the occasional other app thrown in...such as myself. On the other hand, something like the Vita OS could handle both smart phone or gaming quite well, but it would need the non-gaming app support that you see on the other mobile options.

However, this would make the system pretty expensive, and realistically speaking, most people will justify spending $600 on a smart phone that they'll likely hardly use more than 10% of the features on, but gamers have a hard time justifying spending more than $400 on a console. So in the end, a hybrid may not be that feasible unless it's just a portable system that happens to be able to hook up to a TV and play full console games...which just makes it a portable.

Malice-Flare1159d ago

i don't think so. at least, not from mobile. it is from publishers' unrealistic expectations and blowout budgets...

uth111159d ago

mobile cell-phone/ipad gaming is a very different market with very different types of users. I half expect it to turn out to be a fad and crash. Even if it doesn't, it's very crowded and is difficult to be successful at.

There are certain types of games that work and don't work there. If there are companies that chase the mobile $$$ they will be replaced by developers who want to work on traditional console/PC games, as long as there's a market there.

So the only threat is if we all start giving up our consoles/PCs in favor of mobile, which I can't see happening with the current devices.

rainslacker1159d ago

I don't think it'll crash, at least not commercially. I think that a lot of mobile game developers may move away from the system though, leaving it a market of mostly publisher backed games being released.

The system is almost too accessible, making anyone who can work their way through a tuturial able to put a game up. The marketplaces themselves don't do anything to encourage developers to make games, nor do they handle game discovery very well at all. This is a place where the console marketplaces and Steam or other game related marketplaces have mobile beat big time.

The userbase for mobile is just too big to really crash, and most people do enjoy playing games. But the people have a very eclectic preference in taste on what kind of games they like to play. Some like words with friends, some Angry birds or candy crush, some console style games. So it's not like we can say that the market is just focused on one thing. The only thing that I can see going out of style on mobile is the console style game, because the controls just don't lend themselves to accuracy or fun. There are exceptions to the clever developer, but the quality across numerous devices is so diverse, it can be extremely difficult to develop for, and mobile devices are severely limited in the resources they provide a developer for AAA games. They actually give less space than developers had on the PS2, but can overcome some of the graphical differences through sheer brute force.

uth111159d ago

Just because everybody can make and play mobile games doesn't mean the market will sustain itself. People get these flashy new smartphones and want to download everything in sight. But after awhile the novelty wears off.

Sure some people will still play, but if the value of the market starts shrinking then everybody heads for the exits, and the market collapses.

This is what happens with casuals and games

It's why the games market crashed in the 80s- casuals lost interest when "Pacman fever" died out. Happened again with the Wii-- everybody bought one, but after a few years few people used them.

I already see this happening with my friends. Used to get tons of game requests, but now I get few.

That's not to say mobile won't recover and have long-term growth like consoles did in the 80s. But it won't be the easy cash grab it seemed like in the beginning.

rainslacker1159d ago

That's actually what I'm saying. The market can't support the number of active paying users vs. the number of developers. Over time, the number of devs will decrease to a point where what's left can make money. As it stands now, everyone is making games to cash in, but the idea of easy money on the mobile market was never really a thing. Despite huge successes most apps and games do no make money.

I don't think the actual market will crash, just the idea of making money off the market from every wannabe developer out there.

Dogswithguns1159d ago

I don't know, but it's a lot easier just tap on a game app on a phone and play than turning on a console... phone screens these days are huge.

Volkama1159d ago

I love my 55" phone. Entertainment, convenience, and a good workout for the core and shoulders.

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