Has a Mad Max Collectors Edition Been Announced?

After the massive opening weekend success of Mad Max: Fury Road, an image has emerged online of a collectors edition for the upcoming Mad Max game which is being developed by Avalanche Studios.

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MrSwankSinatra1072d ago

Honestly I wish this whole collector's edition trend would die. Most of the stuff that comes with these CE's aren't even worth collecting to begin with.

-Foxtrot1072d ago

Speak for yourself. I love Collectors editions if they are done right (this isn't however) so I hope developers keep making them

Once I get my own place I'll make room to show them all off on stands. Some collectible stuff is worth it since you can't get some of those items anywhere else

Only thing about this CE is that it doesn't have a Steelbook and it looks cheaply made.

xHeavYx1072d ago

Love CEs too. Don't like them? Then just don't buy them, but saying that they should stop making them is just silly.

Hellsvacancy1072d ago

"Once I get my own place" enjoy it............until you get kids because then you lose that place that was once your own

I use to have loads of cool stuff on shelves etc, had to remove loads of stuff, can't have kids and this sort of stuff about http://resinkit.perso.neuf....

xHeavYx1072d ago

I guess I'm glad I'm not having any kids.

(•_•) /
( •_•)>⌐■-■

-Foxtrot1072d ago


I really don't want kids to be honest

I'm too selfish, I can hardly take care of myself and I don't have the patience. Not worth it in my opinion.

Donated sperm once when I was 18 (A long a funny story), so if in 20 years or so I get a knock on the door for someone who wants to "meet their biological father" then fair enough.

I get a son/daughter, they meet their real dad and I haven't spent a penny.

Everyone wins.

OrangePowerz1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )


Sure you can. I have my own room that is of limits to kids :)

MrSwankSinatra1072d ago

Being a former collector all I have to say is that eventually you'll realize and then ask yourself "why did I pay for all this crap?" It's only a matter of time.

ChronoJoe1072d ago

A steelbook would have been nice but I don't think the figures look cheaply made. It would have been nice to have a steelbook containing the game and audio CD though, but then again most CEs don't offer so many figures (as you get Max and the Interceptor here)

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DIPSET1072d ago

console exclusive CEs is the worst. big nope for this game then :)

WeAreLegion1072d ago

If you have to ask if something has been announced, it hasn't.

Jinryo1072d ago

This collectors edition is a fake. From Fakes Forge.

crazychris41241072d ago

This is gotta be fake, right above the xbox one case it says access for the Just Cause 3 closed beta. There is no official multiplayer for the game but the devs for JC3 have come out and said they are helping the modders of the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod with a JC3 mutliplayer mod. Mod would only be avaible for PC unless the devs decide its good enough and balanced enough to bring it to consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.