Next Year's E3 - Virtual Reality?

Believe it or not, we 're encroaching on virtual reality for our homes. Not a full-on Holodeck, of course, but there are some interesting technologies that are available *right now* that could either be implemented in this current generation or the next generation of consoles. Examples are inside.

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i_eatbreakfast4lunch3799d ago

next years E3, sucks even worse

UnSelf3799d ago

im lookin forward to the E3 where they unveil Marvel vs Capcom 3. til then.........

Spydr073799d ago

What's better than VR? AR--Actual Reality! Try it out! What's the best part? It's FREE! No more consoles, no more controllers! Everyone wins!!!

Auryg3799d ago

In AR I don't have a plasma sword :(

PoSTedUP3799d ago

lol @ the regular virtual boy.

DoctorXpro3799d ago

Amazing video also good for porn you know "different angles"

Lionsguard3798d ago

I would so buy a Wii if Nintendo implemented that. That would seriously shut up all the graphics whores out there such as myself and show that a great game doesn't need millions of polygons on 1 character to have a good looking game.

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