The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Screenshot Comparison: Ultra vs High vs Medium vs Low Graphics

The PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has some rather deep customization options for graphics detail, divided in two menus, graphics and post-processing.

Here you can see the difference between the Ultra, High, Medium and Low presets.

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T9001099d ago

As per Nvidia's Guide there is no difference between Ultra and High Textures. The only difference is at Ultra settings more textures are loaded onto the GPUs VRAM which helps reduce pop in.

Hence for anyone having a GPU with less than 3GB VRAM it is recommended to use high settings, remember your quality wont drop just that you might be pop ins.

mikeslemonade1099d ago

Dang parity really blows. Low end systems still look pretty good. For the guys that pay the price it's marginal returns.

T9001099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Well anyone with a decent PC can go beyond 1080p. At which point you will see quite a difference between the versions.

My setup is a monster PC, I could probably run this game at resolutions like 5160 * 2160 Its DSR res for 3440 * 1440. At which point there will be no contest between console and PC. Not to mention Nvidia hairworks and much better AO, AF and AA.

I think as this generation progresses, 4k will become the new 1080p for the PC. While 1080p becomes the new 720p. So the difference again will be pretty much like last gen where consoles mostly run games at 720p and PC is at 1080p. PC graphics power doubles very quickly, not out of the question for this to happen in 2-3 years time. Expect mid range graphics cards 2 years from now to rival the Titan X, at which point 4k is a possibility for the mainstream PC user.

Lastly i hope mod tools are out for the game soon. If we get anything like what happened with Skyrim, then all of this is a matter of time.

sourav931099d ago

I've been playing it with ultra textures on with my 2GB GTX 770, and the VRAM usage doesn't go over 1.4GB. So looks like 2GB is enough for ultra textures.

aquaticDonut1099d ago

Oh, cool. I didn't know. I'm running high settings on a 970 Because that's the only way to get 60 FPS.

dragonaught0071099d ago

Devs said themselves that game on ps4 runs equivalent to high settings on pc, thats pretty dam good other then frame rate not perfect but alright for a 350 dollar console its hard to complain honestly.

xTheMercenary_1099d ago

Hard to complain? nobody should complain lol. When you say equivalent to high does that mean medium with mostly high settings?

OhMyGandhi1099d ago

are my eyes going or is there very little difference between ultra and low settings beyond a few minor texture upgrades.

Nio-Nai1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

No, the differences is mostly textures.

The 2nd set of pictures though you can see that the textures for the grass roof in the background (top left) is hugely different from Ultra to low. And then in Picture four you can see the difference in the draw distance very easy from a lack of trees, also the textures on the wall guard and plate.

The other thing is the chest chain mail, from ultra down to low is one of the most noticeable drops in quality.

Overall though it looks like they did a fantastic job in optimizing the games overall quality.