Pulling a sickie to play The Witcher 3? Here's an official letter for your boss

Dealspwn: "We've heard that a wave of Witcher-itis is sweeping the nation today. Symptoms include being housebound, unable to attend work, lethargy and irrational hatred of enormous monsters.

As such, you'd better take the day off -- and CD Projeckt are one step ahead. They've issued an official letter to print, fill in and present to your boss that should smooth things over."

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Blues Cowboy1187d ago

So legit. It's got the CD Projekt seal of approval! :P

Reckon you'd need some serious stones, a dead-end job or a boss that doesn't give a damn for this to work. So... guess I might try it.

Sethry1011187d ago

I showed my boss, she laughed, and said no :/.

bggriffiths1187d ago

ha, ha. More of this sort of thing!

Blues Cowboy1187d ago

For sure, CD Projekt have our back!

Blues Cowboy1187d ago

Wonder how many of these will actually get sent?

wakeNbake1187d ago

I was having dreams of monster slaying again except these dont say "ILL DIG YOUR GRAVE!" like they did last month.

poor_cus_of_games1187d ago

Took a day off for this game. Used one of my holidays for it. Full days pay to play the witcher 3. Why not lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.