Farming Simulator 15 is out today...check out the launch trailer!

Neil writes "Farming Simulator 15 is out today on consoles and to get you ready for spending a day or two in the field, the official launch trailer has been released."

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Bdxxacjkfs1156d ago

Its a Monsanto propaganda or have to do something with REAL farming?

Blues Cowboy1156d ago

Looks fun.

Off topic, though, can we reach a consensus on whether "..." and "!" are allowed in news posts? I've had news stories failed/reported for copying them directly out of headlines. What's the official line?

neil3631156d ago

Sorry, that's my fault. The ! shouldn't be in there but I can't seem to edit it now.


jamstorr861156d ago

seems a bit over priced on psn. £45!

philm871156d ago

Nearly everything is overpriced on PSN!

jamstorr861155d ago

you're not wrong there pal