The Witcher 3 Video Card Benchmark - Poor Software Optimization by CDPR

GamersNexus: "In this Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt PC benchmark, we compare the FPS of graphics cards at varied settings (1080p, 1440p, 4K) to uncover achievable framerates. Among others, we tested SLI GTX 980s, a Titan X, GTX 960s, last-gen cards, and AMD's R9 290X, 285, and 270X. Game settings were tweaked in methodology for the most fair comparison (below), but primarily checked for FPS at 1080p (ultra, medium, low), 1440p (ultra, medium), and 4K (ultra, medium)."

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ritsuka6661156d ago

Disappointed with this game. Oh well, no suprise...

Erik73571156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Gameplay is good and the game is really good but they kinda put PC gamers aside on this and didn't really focus on them...sad.

I'm just gonna hope mods will redeem this game as a PC game.

Drakul1155d ago

game play is good? even you can not control the character, he runs, stops and runs again..combat is even worse there is no slicing or cutting-hitting feeling just swinging sword in the air....and looting tons of unnecessary item. huge disappointment after bloodborne.

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Pandamobile1155d ago

I've chosen to be a bit frugal with my settings, so I'm running it on a mix of medium/high (with water on Ultra) on a GTX 680 and i7 3770k. I'm usually hitting 35-50 FPS depending on how crowded the area is.

Looks amazing even on modest settings. I wouldn't call this game unoptimized, it's just very demanding on higher settings (as it should).

Two-Face1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I'm running on a GTX 770, and hitting 40-55 on a mix high/ultra with foliage and shadows on medium. Hairworks off.

If I want to get stable 60FPS I need to run on low settings.

badz1491155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

based on master race standards, you guys need to scrap your pc right now! anything less than 60fps is for peasants, remember?

on a serious note, it's kinda disappointing that a single GTX980, the most powerful single GPU on the market barely manages 60fps on ultra at 1080p.

SniperControl1155d ago

Running two GTX970's in SLI at [email protected], having framerate issues whatever the graphic settings.

Another p155 poorly optimised console port!

sourav931155d ago

I'm currently running it at a locked 30fps (unlocked ranges from 35 to 55) at almost max settings (grass density and foliage visibility on high, hairworks off). Game looks great. Though there's some stutter when locked at 30 :/

What really pisses me off is that the GTX 960 has been benchmarked by many people to be weaker than the GTX 770. Yet it somehow performs better than the 770 in the Witcher 3. Looks like Nvidia is gimping their old cards to increase sale of new ones.

traumadisaster1155d ago

Is your driver up to date? I actually had to revert to the pre gta5 driver, first time I ever had a driver issue.

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death_gun1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

so this proves that the game footage they showed in the first trailer back at E3 were actually pre-rendered,the game struggles to run even on top notch modern GPU's downgraded as it is then how the hell did they manage to run the 'superior' version on 2 years old hardware?

SlapHappyJesus1155d ago

I've called this out multiple times over the last few days (check my feed), and all I've got to show for it is a bunch of negativity thrown my way.

As much as I love CD Projekt Red; both their games, as well as their position on the games industry as a whole, that doesn't excuse them when they pull some BS themselves.

This is no different than Ubisoft with Watch Dogs. It deserves no less criticism.

Gwiz1155d ago

Because people can't handle the criticism lol.

Yes,this actually has that same weird performance issue
as Watchdogs.I wanted to support their DRMFREE games but this is not going to happen anymore.It's like these companies don't understand that what will happen with future endeavors is people are no longer buying at launch,crippling any asset of updating or further support.

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