Destiny’s Prison of Elders treasure room is full of sweet loot

See what your treasure key for completing the Prison of Elders unlocks in this video.

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TheRedButterfly1071d ago

Literally just finished it. First time I've had fun with this game in literal months -- and it was just a horde mode with a decent loot system.

eliyah901071d ago

Meanwhile millions of people will be having fun.While sit in front of a monitor troll like a bitch.

pompombrum1071d ago

The modifiers do a good enough job on keeping it feeling slightly varied. Regardless, it's a slightly different activity to do which feels just different enough to make it a welcome addition to the standard weekly rotations.

JWiLL5521071d ago

Fun DLC all around. Seems like Bungie learned from their mistakes with The Dark Below.

The big Comet expansion this fall will be awesome if they keep taking the community feedback this seriously.

rezzah1071d ago

The flow of content in this DLC is great so far, compared to Crota DLC.

JWiLL5521071d ago

I enjoyed the story missions a hell of a lot more than I did with TDB. Helps that they were longer and there were more of them.

The Fallen are also just more interesting than the Hive as enemies overall.

More than anything it gave me reason to go back and experience that amazing Bungie gunplay. They really are the best in that regard.

TwoForce1071d ago

I'm enjoy this DLC more than Dark Below.