Final Fantasy Road Trip: FFVIII

Kotaku: "With FFVII under their belt, the second you load up FFVIII you see for yourselves how educational the entire experience was. Rather than the blocky equivalent of stick figures, we have properly (for the most part) proportioned characters, and a much more detailed world. The FMVs are both more frequent, and better produced. Characters actually show facial movement and emotions on true 3D faces. Building on the legacy of One Winged Angel, FFVIII further expands its use of lyrics in it’s soundtrack. The main sorceress theme is full of ominous chanting and definitely sets their mysterious and foreboding nature."

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Splatoon1160d ago

The worst FF of all time. Even Derge of Cerberus was better than this turd.

Linsolv1159d ago

What an ignorant comment.

The game had problems, no doubt. The magic system was deeply flawed, the story's pacing was extremely inconsistent, and the characters were mostly hard to really like.

But that's not more true of FF8 than it is of FF9, FF10, FF12, or FF13.

Indeed, FF13 provides an excellent comparison against FF8.

Where VIII was a bit slow, and the characters were easy to understand but hard to like (between the distant, emotionally stunted teenager that most young people had a phase similar to, but ultimately look back on that phase as one they're not proud of or happy with, or the brash but ultimately incompetent fool, or the surprisingly poignant revolutionary daughter of the head of the country...)

Compare to XIII, which is full of bland characters who somehow manage still to grate on the nerves, a combat system that is poor from top to bottom and lacks much in the way of interactivity or choice...

You're thinking it's the worst FF because someone told you it was, or because you're comparing it to VI or VII. It's not as good as FF7 in terms of gameplay; the story isn't as good as FF6 or FF9. But it's as good as 10, better than 13 or 11.

Of course, there's the pre-Playstation games, but they're in a different class altogether (outside of the good-for-its-time FF1, which is boring in hindsight).

Melankolis1159d ago

Better than 13, yes. As good as 10. Nope.

GameSpawn1159d ago

I actually liked VIII's story. The battle system was slightly confusing at first, but once I grasped it I started flying through. I got my start in the series with VIII, so maybe I'm a bit more jaded than others due to sentimental reasons, but everyone has their right to an opinion.

After VIII, IX was my next experience with the series, and then (somewhat related - same company and genre) I got into Chrono Cross. I think having my first experience with these three games made it harder for me to like VII. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love the story VII told and the universe it has created, but the gameplay of those other games made getting into VII's battle system a chore.

I think there will forever be "generations" of Final Fantasy players due to the games they are introduced to leading to which ones they like more - for example the "classic" NES/SNES generation (I-VI) versus the "PlayStation" generation (VII-IX) and whatever you want to call the games after that (I don't think it is fitting to lump them with VII-IX).

ameliabaz1159d ago

Sorry you have such bad taste.

G3n3raL861159d ago

FF8 is a beast! One of my favorite JRPGs!

NoctisPendragon1159d ago

Agni looks so much like Ultimecia ( a witch and all ) , maybe it is a FF 8 sequel/prequel .

Articuno761159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I think a lot of FF8's story quality hinges on whether you buy into the Ultimecia = Rinoa theory. If you don't then the story is basically a list of unconnected events with no real rhyme or reason behind them. If you do however, the events take on plot-seeding significance.

I played it recently and in this dearth of JRPGs we are experiencing it's still a standout, but I certainly don't consider it a touch on FF7/9/10.

Although I have to say the issue with Squall's character seems to be more of a translation issue than the source script (having played the Japanese original).

Spotie1159d ago

Don't buy that at all. I enjoyed it without ever thinking Rinoa was Ultimecia. And the events aren't unconnected at all.

Quite literally, SeeDs sowed their own fate by hunting down the sorceress. They didn't stop just because Ultimecia was defeated. After all, she WAS from the future. The whole story is a time loop, so the events cause each other. Just as Squall influences Edea to create SeeD in the first place, the hunt for sorceresses generate Ultimecia's hatred for SeeD, Ultimecia's machinations in the past gives rise to the efforts by Squall and company to shut her down. It's not at all confusing or disconnected.

It's my favorite FF of all time, surpassing all. My favorite single character and soundtrack are from X, my favorite world(peoples, countries, etc) is from XII. But my favorite overall game is VIII.

Articuno761159d ago

If you buy the time loop then you've bought the most important part of the Rinoa = Ultemecia theory.

The events without the loop are just events. There's nothing thematic holding them together as a story (rather than a collection of happenings).

Spotie1158d ago

There's nothing inherent about buying that there's a time loop that then says that Rinoa must be Ultimecia.

I also seem to recall there being something about the way Ultimecia spoke (intimated by the use of k instead of c, such as in "swarming like lokusts across time") that indicated she was from a particular region. It's a manner of speaking that Rinoa doesn't have, nor does anyone in Deling City or the rest of Galbadia. I seem to recall that the people of Cetra spoke like that, though it could have been Esthar, as well. (I can't recall speaking to many- or any- Esthar natives during your time there, outside of Dr. Odine.)

(Before you throw out the example of Odine, his accent is most likely a nod to the typical mad scientist, who often speak with a German accent.)

In any case, there still would have been methods to suppress Rinoa's powers(thanks to the aforementioned Doctor), and even without that, it would have taken a ridiculous amount of circumstances for Rinoa to become such a hateful sorceress.

Sorry, just don't buy it.

Articuno761158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

"There's nothing inherent about buying that there's a time loop that then says that Rinoa must be Ultimecia."

Didn't say there is. But the most important part of that theory that makes the story rich with plot seeding is that it is a time-loop. And the two intepretations tend to go hand in hand.

For all intents and purposes you don't think FF8 is a series of events, but a meta-story built on a plot device of time-looping. Something you share in common with the theorists.

You basically accept the most important part of the Rinoa = Ultimecia theory (which is the existence of a loop rather than Rinoa being Ultemecia).

The thing with FF8 is, without the time-loop in play it's not actually about anything. There's no story. It's just a collection of events that ultimately have little significance in the grand scheme of things. Through in a time-loop though and events take on an circular significance. Innocous statements or scenes suddenly mean something.

Spotie1158d ago

The time loop isn't a thoery, though. It's pretty in your face.

Edea proposed the idea of SeeD to Cid: to prepare a force in advance for the danger to come. Namely, the sorceress.

Cid, with funding by NORG, starts Balamb Garden(among others).

Balamb Garden (among others) winds up training the orphans Cid and Edea once took care of. Among those orphans is one Squall Leonhart.

Squall goes on to lead Balamb in the battle against multiple sorceresses, though their primary target- and the one manipulating the others- is Ultimecia.

After defeating Ultimecia, Squall is momentarily displaced in time, and meets a younger Edea, to whom he explains the purpose of SeeD.

All these things happen in the game. There's no speculation needed, so it's not a theory. It's not something you can just take away and then say "Without it the game makes no sense," because it's an obvious and integral part of the story. You may as well take out the main character of any game, show, book, movie...

I'm not doing anything special by accepting one of the facets that make up VIII's story. It makes less sense to try and remove the time loop aspect, since that's what the whole story is built around.

DaGodKing1159d ago

im actually playing it right now.. seems pretty good
i like playing it on my vita more then on my tv..

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