Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Admits the Kinect Isn’t Really That Useful For COD and Halo

CraveOnline: "Ever since Microsoft first announced that the Kinect would be a mandatory inclusion in launch bundles of the Xbox One, hiking up its price above that of the PS4 despite the console itself being less powerful than Sony’s system, we all knew it was a grave mistake."

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Boltshocker1185d ago

I sold mine i never used it

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1185d ago

I feel sorry for the guys that bought the X1 with the vision of using Kinect to its full capabilities cause Microsoft has just simply abandoned it so your left with a peripheral that cost you £100.

Septic1185d ago

Its not been abandoned. Its still a very capable device and effective at what it does best. But it fails as a core gaming device utilised in core games.

bennissimo1185d ago

I use mine each and every time I turn my console on or switch between games/apps.

Sitdown1185d ago

What is it's full capabilities? And why are you feeling sorry for early adopters, most should know the price of being an early adopter. I never bought the original kindest for the 360, and have no problem owning the current one.

DeadManMMX1185d ago

Don't feel sorry for me. I love this thing and always have. The people turned on it and they dropped a lot of its support but there will be more games down the road. Nonetheless even if it just does what it does now I'm happy with it.

Multiplatguy1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I don't like motion gaming but use my Kinect daily. Them admitting that Kinect isn't very useful for core gaming is a good thing as I hated the idea of Halo, Gears and Fable being diluted. This is good news for people that bought into the vision like me.

Apart from the misleading headline, authors obvious dislike for Xbox and this lovely little anti Microsoft mentality that is long overdo to disappear; this is a good thing. It shouldn't even have been approved..

Saijahn1185d ago

They should've saw this last gen. Kinect was useless back then and it is now. I use it to quickly go to apps but beyond that there's no real use for it other than being another mic. Hmm maybe I should start skyping with it I guess.

Why o why1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

It was mis-sold to the masses. Most sane people have come around to the fact it doesn't do much for gaming, more a interaction/navigating peripheral if anything. The sceptics were ultimately proved right on this one.

Phil grows on me. His candidness seems to be him as a guy and not just pr. He's learnt from the reveal debacle. Some would argue he's just doing what he should be a dad should look after his kid..... I think he's done a little more than which in turn has helped redress some of the damage. Whether he's been forced into this or not, he's the best man for the job. Compare him to that tw*t greenberg and they're polar opposites. Glad he wasn't up for the position and ms did the best thing telling Mattrick to jog on.

rawrock1185d ago

I like my Kinect, voice commands work very well for me. Its a neat thing..

Charybdis1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Like Phill spencer said not so much integral for the core gaming experience. I do find it a nice piece of hardware to have and would miss it if it suddenly wasn't there but.
I do kinda agree with him saying it is a 'great' part of the xbox one ecosystem. That said I guess the headline isn't a direct quote bit misleading but still when reading between the lines I guess so.
Also good to hear that they still have teams working 'to look at ways that to make the experience better' I am kind curiousto those announcements what people are doing with it.

TRS_Gear1184d ago

Don't feel bad for me.
I use it constantly to navigate my console and get thing done in a instant hands free manner. The IR blaster is a great tool, and works great with my TV and cable box. Also, Xbox fitness is great and really impressive in the way it tracks your heartbeat and knows what muscles are being used.

With all that being said, Kinect 2.0 could have been a high quality microphone with an IR blaster, and I may have been received a lot better by the masses.

Trekster_Gamer1184d ago

don't feel sorry for me. I don't use it for gaming. I do enjoy all else it has to offer.

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INTOmyMOUTH1185d ago

Use it all the time. Plus he never said that. Trash article.

Khajiit861184d ago

So you can play Halo and COD with it?

Benchm4rk1184d ago


Just because you cant play Halo and COD with it doesn't mean that it doesn't get used all the time. My kinect gets used each and every time I play my xbox with Instant On, Face Recognition Log In, Game DVR feature "xbox Record That", snapping apps while playing etc etc. I do agree though that with all that it gets used for the same features could of been achieved in something less expensive more like the PS4 camera and having it optional from the start. It is really an expensive piece of tech that really gets under utilised.

RobLoPR1184d ago

Plus when im playing Battlefield 4 i can yell "I need a medic", "I need ammo" or "I need a ride" i havent played Call of Dury or Halo yet but im pretty sure it incorporates commands like those in the game also. I still love using my voice to navigate also


I use mine ALL THE TIME lol. From Xbox On, to Xbox Off, Xbox volume up, Xbox go to ____, Xbox record that, Xbox take a screenshot, etc.

To be honest, if they could have just implemented that into the console, I would be happy.

Not like PS4 where you have to hit a button first, same as Kinect now, just with no... Kinect lol

Ron_Danger1185d ago

Lot of people in this comment section defending a camera by saying they only use the microphone.

I use my car everyday, the radio works perfectly.

DivoJones1185d ago

Yep.. what would make it work even better was if kinect would listen/respond to commands over the mic. I tend to do a lot of my gaming late at night on weekends. With a sleeping wife and child i'm not using the kinect for a damn thing.

badz1491184d ago

"Not like PS4 where you have to hit a button first, same as Kinect now, just with no... Kinect lol"

pressing a button to turn the console on is so complicated or exhausting to you, you feel that you NEED a $100 camera so you don't have to press that button? LOL

it's not like you're gonna use that controller anyway for playing games, right? /s

but you're like, "oh no, I have to press a button, please MS sell me something so I don't have to!"

Volkama1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

What makes it really funny is that after saying "Xbox On" to turn the console on, you then have to hold down the button on the controller to turn that on. So even the "Xbox On" command is only really any good for watching TV.

Still, a shame to see them wasting the potential it does have. More first party games should let you scan yourself in as an avatar, like Kinect Sport Rivals does. That would even suit games like COD, though it'd be rather pointless in Halo.

Khajiit861184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I know right those buttons suck.... How do you play games??? "Xbox X.... Xbox Y.... Xbox RB...."? Then to shoot "Xbox RT, Xbox RT, Xbox RT!!!!".... "Xbox Look left, Xbox Look right"

I mean since buttons are so old school then you must not use them right?

Get over it buttons are really not that hard to press. I have never turned on my PS4 or PC via a button and thought to myself "There must be a better way!"

_-EDMIX-_1184d ago

I they packed in this camera yet had nothing planned for it themselves?

At this point...who is defending that choice when its clear as time goes on that they had nothing planned for it?

All this proves is that there was NEVER a real reason to pack this in other then to make money off of early adopters.

Benchm4rk1184d ago


I often think that too. There is no real hassle in just pushing the button to turn it on. You have to do it anyway to turn the controller on. It is a wasted potential though but I'm glad they are not focussing on it so much now. For all that it gets used for the same results could of come from something cheaper and OPTIONAL....

XisThatKid1184d ago

Well this is kinda Bull sh*t. Considering you don't have to press a button for anything aside from turning the console on from the controller your using anyway to turn it on. Record, screen shot, Switch apps, Start apps, navigation, and gaming(subjective) can be done hands free voice alone. Just to let those know.

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Godz Kastro1185d ago

I use mine for voice commands left and right. I find it very useful.

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TRS_Gear1184d ago

Even if it were a direct quote from Phil, it's hardly news worthy.

Kinects impact on gaming is very little. Its true potential really shine when using it to navigate the console itself. All of the voice commands and use of the IR blaster really make it a must have device for me. I don't really care if it works well with games like Halo or COD, that's not what it was invented for.

These article are just huge piles a click-bate nonsense!

otherZinc1184d ago


I agree completely, Phil never said that.

I like how we continue to get these "Kinect failure articles 2 years after launch" when the Kinect isn't a failure!

Here's a better question, where are the "PS4 Camera failure articles"? The "Sony Move failure articles"? The "PS Eye failure articles"? Yeah, the biased reporting is out of control.

We use our Kinect everyday. Looking very forward to E3 for Kinect related features.

ThanatosDMC1184d ago

Did the PS4 camera fail at something from its intended use? It wasnt touted as the next big thing as if you wouldnt need a controller anymore to play games.

Denny_Crane1184d ago

Sony didn't force it's customers to buy the ps camera like xbox did at launch.
ot my kinect never gets used.

miyamoto1184d ago

In other words Kinect 2.0 is an important liability and not an important asset for the XBOne.
I wonder how much they spent on its R&D that it will never recover?

And this is the problem of the XBOne camp- their spokespeople always contradict themselves.
Phil Harrison said Kinect is integral to the XBOne experience while here Phil Spencer says Kinect 2.0 is useless for Halo & COD.
How can a sane person trust a company like this?

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RaTaTaT1185d ago

I use the Kinect all the time while playing "halo and cod". Xbox record that is probably my most used Kinect command. But I do believe that the Kinect should of been optional from the beginning. With that said if I do buy another Xbox one I would buy one with a Kinect.

TheRedButterfly1185d ago

Between "Xbox, Record That" and "Xbox, Snap _____" (and an alternate mic when my A50s are charging), the kinect survey little purpose. I enjoy it as an IR blaster, but that is a feature I could live without.

That being said, I too would probably end up getting one with Kinect were the choice given to me -- assuming that something renders the one I already have inoperable.

Perjoss1185d ago

so you just use it like a microphone...

SaveFerris1185d ago

I think this is due to the change in focus for the Xbox One from when it launched as an 'TV, sports, and entertainment' device to more of a games console again.
It was never intended for core gaming. Kinect is an overly expensive webcam and microphone which is great for Skype, changing channels, and navigating the UI, but less effective for gaming outside of exercise and dance titles.

Transistor1185d ago

"It was never intended for core gaming."

From the description of the Project Natal announcement video.

"Uploaded on Jun 1, 2009 · Introducing Project Natal, a revolutionary new way to play: no controller required. See a ball? Kick it, hit it, trap it or catch it. If you know how to move your hands, shake your hips or speak you and your friends can jump into the fun -- the only experience needed is life experience. Join the conversation about Xbox E3 or Project Natal on Twitter at #XboxE3"

So what you said is not correct.

SaveFerris1184d ago

I don't see Fifa, COD, Forza, or Halo being playable with only Kinect. So you believe Microsoft PR and marketing? Of course MS would say that because they want you to buy it.

Concertoine1184d ago


I fail to see how that implies use in core games.

cmgs1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Though it is the best budget motion capturing device on the planet. 250$ ( Camera, connector and software) and you get to capture full body motion and face. So there is that, if you were to make animation for a movie / game, it would be very useful.

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