The Witcher 3 Getting Slammed Over Korean Language Screw Up

The Witcher 3 supports numerous languages at launch, such as Korean, for instance. At least, it is supposed to. Hence the problem and all the angry people in South Korea.

Fast forward to today, when the game was released in South Korea. Gamers bought The Witcher 3 with the expectation that it would be in their language. Finally! For the console versions, it was. For the PC version, it’s not. This is a big problem in a country where the PC dominates.

Website Game Meca (via tipster Sang) reports the game’s Korean publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia said, “It is true that there was a delay in applying the Korean localization due to development time.” That might’ve been good to announced, you know, before people bought the game, no?

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gamerqc1154d ago

Never buy day one. Numerous crashes, bugs and other important fixes are needed for such a big game. It's clear QA didn't do their job. But who cares, right? Game already sold millions because gamers keep saying it's ok to ship products that are not perfect.

Bansai1154d ago

Yes, buy used or rent and don't support developer so gaming can continue to strive!

Oh, wait...

Palitera1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Yeah, because then you would be buying something that came from another source, not made and sold by the devs.

Oh, wait.


The perk of being resellable is included in the 60 USD price tag for the physical version. Remove this option and you have to reduce the price to match the new value of the product.

A LOT of copies wouldn't be bought if people weren't able to resell their "licenses", so the devs DO make money on this used games market. Every copy out there was sold by them.


On topic, localization to my country is insane. First, the text is well translated, with cursing for adult audiences and not alleviated. But then...

The dwarf that gives you one of the first side missions has a gutural voice, like a Tolkien dwarf. At least for the first half of his life. As soon as the quest is completed, another voice actor comes over and uses a voice like a gnome, a Leprechaun would have, almost childish, from out of nowhere.

I must admit I love harmless bugs and glitches, so it didn't annoy me and is actually one of my favorite TW3 moments this far.

OrangePowerz1154d ago

So you think QA was just twiddling their thumbs and nothing? I didn't see any articles about widespread issue and for a game of that size that is a job well done.

There is no such thing as bug free game anyway, there will always be bugs. Even if you work on the same game for 10 years there is always something that won't work absolutely correct for whatever reason.

700p1154d ago

Games this big will always have bugs. Also this article with getting "slammed" pls. lol

rainslacker1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

QA probably did their job, but developers run out of time to fix all the bugs. It's not the QA's job to fix the bug, just find them and report them so the devs can fix them, at which time, the QA team will retest to make sure the bug has been fixed, and no new bugs were introduced by that bug. Devs eventually just run out of time to fix everything, but that's another debate.

Otherwise, not having a language is not a QA issue, it's just that the language pack was not applied to the game build. Namco did not do so before release, by their own admission. Had nothing to do with QA unless you think QA is responsible for implementing code and features into a game.

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Summons751154d ago

Ahh, never under estimate entitled brats....especially when they are already told it will be there in two days.

HammadTheBeast1154d ago

Haven't seen it get "slammed" anywhere.

Articuno761154d ago

That's a pretty big deal. I can't even fathom getting a game I sourced locally and then getting home and finding out it was in French or something.

jay21154d ago

jeasus! calm down bloody hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theese are worse, you're crying cause u spent $65 on a game thats having the issues fixed......... I pay $90/100! for xbox one and ps4 games yet the guys in the US pay what I paid last gen and cry about it, Come to the UK then complain! it'll be fixed, chill.

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