Is the Racing Genre Running the Risk of Stagnation?

Project CARS is arguably one of the best-looking racers ever built, but with graphics nearing absolute realism, is the racing video games field erring toward stagnation?

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DarkOcelet1188d ago

Nope, i think Racing Genre is generating a big buzz this gen over any other gen.

Kal0psia1188d ago

Yup, totally agree! I think more so this generation than last.

Yi-Long1187d ago

Agreed. We've got Project CARS now offering some competition to the excellent GT and Forza series, we've got Driveclub in that space between Arcade and Sim, being an amazing addictive and impressive fast racer in gorgeous locations with fantastic track-design, and FINALLY we also see a return to some more grounded back to basics rally-games, with the new Dirt, Loeb Rally, and a new WRC5.

Last gen was a pretty good generation for racers, but hopefully this one will be even better.

SolidStoner1187d ago

For sure, cant wait to see what this E3 will bring on the table.. more rally, maybe some gt7..

jamstorr861187d ago

Looking forward to see what this year's iteration of F1 game will bring to the table.

Septic1188d ago

Yup indeed and if Polyphony show off Gran Turismo, then expect more boost than a single turbo supra

KyRo1187d ago

I think this gen is set for sims but I want more arcade racers like Split Second. That game was incredible yet next to no one played it. Sad times.

Yi-Long1187d ago

I always wanted to play it but I was afraid the whole interactive track-destruction would take away from the pure racing.

I did absolutely LOVE their other racing game, Pure. That game was tremendous. It was basically an SSX-game, but with Quads.

I never understood why Disney would shut that very talented studio down, especially considering Disney could have used them to make an amazing CARS (Pixar) game.

mcstorm1187d ago

Yeah Split\Second was a great game ide love someone to pickup the idea this gen and make a new version of it.

Been great gen this far for me in terms of racers as FPS have lost my interest but Horizon 2 is still my stand out racing game so far this gen.

s45gr321187d ago

Distance a thron like racing game which is in bloody early access. Aaaaagghh! I kickstarted this game damn it.

Khajiit861187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Racing genre has personally only gotten bigger and bigger for me. Just got done with Grid Autosport, and driveclub and now I am moving to Project Cars with a lot of excitement.

DOMination-1187d ago

I personally hope we see more stuff like TDU and FH. I must admit I've fallen out of love with circuit racers

DarkOcelet1187d ago

As long as their execution is great like FH then awesome (Looking at you Ubisoft 'The Crew')

But in the end though, variety is good my friend. If the game is closed or linear from point A to B then you will have better framerate, better graphics and tighter gameplay. So both open world and closed are welcome.

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BlackPhillip6661187d ago

Nah racing titles are one off the few places to turn when the crap is hitting the fan every where else tbh and the rarely fail to deliver. Be that a new title are a game form my back catalog.

KryptoniteTail1187d ago

It is. We need F-Zero and another Sonic Racing already. Wouldn't mind another Blur, and a return of more obscure titles like Biker Mice From Mars and Mega Man Battle & Chase. Even some new IP would be welcome.

We have plenty of normal racers like Driveclub and the upcoming Forza/Gran Turismo, but only really Mario Kart super recently otherwise (notably anyway).

s45gr321187d ago

Distance may come to PS4. as of now is exclusive to PC. Is an arcade racer set in the tron universe. The cars are able to fly and there's traps on the tracks, comes with a track editor. Hopefully, it gets out of early access soon.

Summons751187d ago

Pretty much. Split Second and Blur were the most exciting ones recently and those got largely ignored for run of the mill racing games. There is still a lot of life left though and GT7 should prove to be interesting so there is always a chance for a turn around. Not to mention Mario Kart just got 200cc which is insane.

Dynasty20211187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

They all have the same problem in common - if you're not online, the AI just isn't a challenge.

Project Cars is yet another classic example. The AI just isn't quick enough, and if you up the difficulty, all it does is make them lap faster in qualifying. In-race they're as dumb as any other difficulty.

Online is always a mess in racing games because everyone just crashes into everyone to ge around a corner faster, or side-bash you off course when you pull off a legitimate overtake.

In 20 years of gaming, I've had ONE race, EVER, where the other guy online was actually a decent sport, and it was in F1 2013. Silverstone, just the two of us, and every time we clipped each other by accident and caused the other to spin off, we stopped and let the other guy pass and went back to racing again. Massive fun, but felt like the 0.0001%.

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