Gamer Girls Unite: Boom Blox Review

Overall Boom Blox is a great little title, a simple concept that is so well executed you'll be playing for hours

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ps3FTW3796d ago

Ha this is the same website that gave MGS4 a 6.

UnSelf3796d ago

wow this scored higher than MGS4.

Insert Coin for Credibility

deeznuts3796d ago

Girls rating a cute wii title higher than a serious, hardcore, GOTY candidate game. This isn't moses coming down the mountain with the ten commandments here. Nothing profound, everything as expected. ;)

sumfood4u3796d ago

Boom Blox is very entertaining & like playing jenga with out picking up the pieces!

sandip7873796d ago

yeh sure, boom blox is better than MGS4. looks like somebodies at that time of the month?
lol i kid i kid

Shadow Flare3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

They gave Boom Blox 85% and mgs4 60%...................OK THEN

ChickeyCantor3796d ago

Gamer girl unite,
And you two above think its weird theygave MGS4 a 6? XD

IzKyD13313796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

this entire website is a of their partner sites is called (i swear)

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The story is too old to be commented.