Destiny - House of Wolves Release Schedule

by DeeJ:
Much has been said about House of Wolves.

Reveal streams. Weekly Updates. Shiny trailers. We've equipped you with the information you need to embark on your next adventure and the hunt has already begun.

All that remains is a manual activation of Expansion II. That happens at 10AM Pacific on Tuesday, May 19th. At that time, the changes in Update that we deployed today will take effect.

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asadachi1154d ago

I think I bought this additional content, but with Witcher out and well, Destiny being the same old thing, I just don't have interest to go back. Hopefully someone will review this and it's a complete game changer, otherwise, why bother?

Drekken1154d ago

I own it and I will never play it. Never again with Pre-ordering DLC. Thanks, Bungie for opening my eyes.

LuditPRIME1154d ago

Yep I agree. Pre ordering Dlc is a fools mistake. After they removed the raid that was supposed to be apart of this updtate. Which is why most people bought the expansion pack after the first raid like my self. Never again will I buy dlc without knowing what I get for my money.

PANDAB1154d ago

@Drekken - I can't agree with you more. I did pre-order the expansion and was extremely disappointed

But the fact is that Bungie straight up lied to the community. I remember watching one of the videos about how "you will be able to visit whatever you see in game" ...which turned out to be a bunch of bull dung

brokenbracket1154d ago

I love how the first four people who comment on this game say they dislike it or won't be playing it. LOL, never seen so much hate for a game with just as much love. I personally love Destiny, one of only three games I play daily and weekly.