Polish Prime Minister Visits The Witcher 3's CD Projekt Red

Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz has visited CD Projekt Red to thank them for their amazing effors on The Witcher 3 and senior games designer Damien Monnier jokes that the dropped by to grab a free copy of the insanely large RPG.

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Si-Fly1071d ago

That's great, couldn't imagine David Cameron doing that lol

shay1591071d ago

Farage would; inexplicably cradling a half-drank pint.

BattleAxe1071d ago

Farage would make a great Prime Minister. As a Canadian looking in from the outside, I absolutely can't believe that South Thanet did not elect him.

People will wake up only when they realise that Britain is destined to become nothing more than a Province of a country called the EU.

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burza19821071d ago

Yeah. Came to remind them not forgot pay a tax because will be a lot of income from sale :)

F0XHOUND1071d ago

This really is the best thing to come out of Poland since tesco added a polish food isle!

KosherNostra1071d ago

When the Witcher 2 came out, their President gave Obama a copy. They have a really good PR team.

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