Star Wars: Battlefront Gets Info on Ewoks and Maps; Weekly News Promised

E3 is coming fast, and with it the first gameplay debut of Star Wars: Battlefront, but if you’re content with new information on the game, you don’t have to wait that long, as Community Manager Mathew Everett is keeping everyone posted.

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VerminSC1185d ago

I'm not getting all of the criticism about this game (maybe because I didn't play the other battlefront games?) but I am personally insanely excited! EWOKS!

LifeInNZ1185d ago

Yeah, no. I hated the Ewoks. Basically happy meal friendly mascots. I couldnt believe that after the dark and moody Empire Lucas took us on a journey of the teddybears. However, in saying that the Ewoks are nowhere near as bad as what he did in the prequel trilogy.

PlayableGamez1185d ago

If you have played the last two, you would understand why people are very critical about this game.

Angelin1185d ago

Counting the days over here :D

Perjoss1185d ago

E3 cannot come soon enough, really looking forward to seeing real gameplay, its going to be awesome.

Koopdogg1185d ago

WAAAH???? Who in god's name has been asking for bloody Ewoks to be put into the game??????????????

The_Sage1185d ago

Well.... As goofy as they are, it wouldn't be Endor without Ewoks. It is their home planet. It gives me hope that we'll see other creatures on other planets.

poppinslops1184d ago

Technically, they live on Endor's moon - for now... I'm not sure how many there are, but a lightsaber's blade never dulls, so I suppose the figure is irrelevant.

I shall start with their younglings.

I'm guessing there will be Jawas on Tatooine, as well as Sandpeople - which is 'good', since killing them is like the Sith version of a Bat-Mitzvah... I wonder if the Krayt Dragons are extinct?

If not, I shall start with their younglings.

Also, Hoth has those horned yeti-monsters... not sure if Ton-Tons are native to the planet, but the Rebel scum were using them, so I'd expect to see a few.

I don't think much of anything lives on Jakku, but that's just an assumption based off it's volcanic terrain... Perhaps there will be some droids scurrying about?

I have nothing against droids... that said, it's a 'good' thing they can't have children.

The_Sage1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Once again, I could not reply directly.... There seems to be some Jedi meddling at work.

I thought the moon was called Endor. The way it was said could be taken either way, "The forest moon of Endor". No matter... I'm sure I'll find my way listening for the screams of the Ewok younglings. As a loyal member of the 501st legion, I don't carry a light saber, but my AT ST fire should make short work of their wooden huts should any of the furry little fools try to avoid their dark end at your hand.

On Tatooine, Jawa hunting became a pastime of mine, despite my commanders disapproval. I found their screams of Oooteedee highly amusing as my blaster opened holes through them. Good times.

I did see Ton Tons on Hoth. I've heard that they're good eating, but I could never get past the smell. I had the same issue with bantha.

Droids are fun to shoot, as they will continue to implore you to stop, even after you've blasted them down to the point where the only thing still working is the head.

WizzroSupreme1184d ago

To shoot or not shoot Ewoks...I'm thinking the latter.