EA teases new ‘Need for Speed’, looks like Underground

EA teases new NFS: Underground game.

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SniperControl1184d ago

Please be true, loved the Underground games, but it needs to be like the old Underground games not the new nfs crap ea have been pumping out lately.

Cra2yey31184d ago

It needs to not have police.

ironfist921184d ago

I dont mind police, but they should be supplementary to the game, not a main focus.

As sparse as say GTA.

Elit3Nick1184d ago

Police has been an integral part of NFS since the third game, police can stay, so long as they make it like Most Wanted's

Old_Prodigy1184d ago

Underground 1 had to be one my favorite games for my PS2, I loved drag racing. The vibrations in the controller during that mode made me really feel like I was in the car and shifting the gears. Ah and that intro with the Toyota Eclipse and the Supra, it was a real joy this game. Oh and don't let me mention the OST, I loved customizing my car while listening to that Lil John song, lol. This was in 03, so I was like 9 hahaha.

ironfist921184d ago

Better be a solid campaign and none of this community racer always
online bs

And customisation, street races, the like. Make it like the original 2.

_-EDMIX-_1184d ago

....but is T.I 24's song in the game doe?

kraenk121184d ago

Not gonna get excited. There hasn't been a great NFS game since the first Most Wanted imho.

EazyC1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I wonder if they'll do a Dr Dre remix of the Doors' 'the End' this time round?

(for fans of NFS:U2)

Customisation must be in it, that's an aftermarket spoiler and bodykit on that 993.

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