The Witcher 3 at Max Graphics Settings & 4K Resolution (PC)

GamersNexus: "This video walks through our benchmark course used during video card benchmarking for the Witcher, an exhaustive process that seeks to uncover the best graphics cards at various settings. We've only got four video cards left in our test tonight, which will be followed-up immediately by an article with FPS charts and other data. More performance articles will follow shortly thereafter."

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reynod1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I just saw Witcher 3 running on a friends PC 5k resolution, it was 1440p DSR 2x which is about 5120 x 2880. I have to say the game looks amazing. For people that can run it that way.

He was running the game with few settings turned lower to make it run at that res:

Antialiasing turned off- obviously its a waste at that res
Foliage distance high - as ultra hurts performance alot
Shadows high

Everything else ultra, Nvidia hairworks turned on. On Titan X Sli he was getting about 50-60 fps with those settings. Titans were overclocked to 1500mhz btw and liquid cooled.

I can only imagine how the game must look at real 4k as he was obviously using DSR which is not the same as real 4K.

Utalkin2me1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )


2,000 bucks in video cards, your buddy has....smh. But this shows you the game doesn't scale very well with stronger hardware. It was designed around the lowest denominator.

kraenk121103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

PCgameshardware just did an extensive hardware comparison test and the opposite is the case. The game scales very well and even uses up to 12 threads on a 6 core i7 CPU. One of the best optimized and scalable games ever.
All this BS talk about the downgrade. In this case here the extreme resolution (5K is like 7 times !!! the amount of pixels of 1080p) and especially nVIdia hairworks are the biggest limiting factors.

Walker1104d ago

Doesn't look even close -for axample- to the vgx trailer and past videos . That's a very sad story that happens for almost every game this days !

Perjoss1104d ago

Sorry, this video might be 4k in size but its not even 1080p in terms of quality, youtube is an absolute joke. If you want to see it in 4k go look for uncompressed screenshots.