The Last Of Us: Left Behind Review by ReviewOrigin

Talal on Revieworigin said that You will fall in love with the character’s, fall in love with the last of us world. It has won many game of the year awards (most of them), The “Naughty dog” should be proud of developing such a game and they are. “The last of us left behind” is a Five GB expansion of the original game that came a while after the original masterpiece was launched, it doesn't continue the story but it takes us back. It takes us a while back to the story of Ellie and her friend Riley; best friends. Now, it continues from a place which was not shown in the previous game, when Joel (one of the main characters) is highly injured after a battle and Ellie barely drags him in the garage of an abandoned house; covering him up because of the cold.

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SlapHappyJesus1130d ago

Haven't had the chance to play play this yet.
Originally played and completed the game proper on the PS3. Waiting on this one for when I take a whack at the remaster.