Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 Announced for PS4, PS3 and PC

Romance of the Three Kingdoms was just announced by Koei Tecmo today at an event held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the series (known as "Sangokushi 13" in Japan)

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DragonKnight1186d ago

Cool. I played a couple of these games. They were pretty interesting. Might pick this up.

Deathdeliverer1186d ago

Yay! Time to destroy anyone that does not swear fealty. The amount of betrayal, back room deals, murders, and revenge seekers in Romance of the three kingdoms games is equal or better than 3 or more seasons of game of thrones. Think that revolution in your province is because you had a local hero executed for treason? Nope. Some SOB you signed a peace treaty with is doing more than poisoning your crops. He's destroying your land from the inside out.

Deathdeliverer1186d ago

I pray this comes stateside.

DragonKnight1186d ago

Koei Tecmo are usually really good with localizing their games, even the more niche titles like this. And that's surprising considering they aren't really a big studio, even after merging.

TheColbertinator1186d ago

Great series. The only Koei franchise I respect