VGS- The Witcher 3 Review - The Best RPG Game Ever?

VGS (102.1 The Edge) has released its official review of The Witcher 3! We look at the story, mechanics and gameplay elements that make it a contender for the best RPG ever.

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Hellsvacancy1040d ago

Enough already it's killing me "where the hell is my postman"

Mariusmssj1040d ago

Got text from home saying it arrived, but I am stuck in work for another 6 hours :(

Hellsvacancy1040d ago

It's here, just gotta take my son to school then I get a nice few hour game time (before I go work myself damn it)

Mariusmssj1040d ago

Hope you enjoy the few hours you got!

Perjoss1040d ago


you're suddenly feeling a bit dizzy and need to go home and 'lie down'


Mariusmssj1040d ago

@Perjoss how did you know? I don't think I will be able to do much work with all the dizziness.

Hellsvacancy1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

I really enjoyed what I played, not going work this afternoon, rang my boss earlier with my excuses

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bomajed1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

This game is really amazing, it met my every expectation, especially the gameplay and combat, I was expecting something good, but not this good, the gameplay really exceeded my expectations.

kraenk121040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

Wrote it in another thread already: I just started playing and the first 10 minutes are already better than whole other games (not calling names) :)

starchild1040d ago

The combat just feels so responsive, brutal and quite tactical. You can't just mindlessly mash buttons like in some games, you really need to think, react and strategize. So, yeah, combat was definitely one of the things I was most pleasantly surprised about.

StrayaKNT1040d ago

Yeah the game is amazing easily one of the best rpgs ever made

Dynasty20211040d ago

Shame it's officially the last in the series but...I cant help but feel they may make another somehow.

If anything though, this release should be the injection CDPR need to officially become one of the recognized greats in the PC developer world.

Annoyed that they caved to Sony's and MS's demands about the console version - CDPR should have made the PC version then released a console version later - but still.

Damn fine work as this game is massive, not "empty" like Red Dead, every quest is unique, there's no "go here and collect 10 feathers" bollocks quests, and the world feels hand-crafted down to every rock.

cfc831040d ago

Does anyone know if patch is part of digi version. Playing it just now, but caught between continuing, or falling back to witcher 2 on 360 for another playthrough first.

I_am_Batman1040d ago

Damn it. I should've started playing the Witcher series earlier. I want to play though the first two games first so I probably won't pick that one up for another couple of months.

I'm enjoying the Witcher 1 right now but it's kinda sad to know that everyone will be playing The Witcher 3 while I'm not :D

Si-Fly1040d ago

I don't think you'd miss a whole lot by playing them out of sync...

I_am_Batman1040d ago

I guess it takes place after The Witcher 1 and 2 right?

I'm sure CD Projekt made the game perfectly enjoyable without having played the predecessors, however I'd rather play them in order to get the full story and to understand the characters better. I always do it that way when I can.

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The story is too old to be commented.