Uh-Oh, The Witcher 3 on PS4/Xbox One/PC Has a Few Nasty Game-Crashing Bugs

The Witcher 3 has finally been released to the public, but not all is dandy. Many players are reporting various game-crashing bugs across all platforms while one poor bugger bought his game only to receive the track listing disc.

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Scatpants1189d ago

Crashed for me once last night. PS4 ver.

Christopher1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

No issues on my end like that. Just wish they had really created a UI for people who are reading text on their TV. Some of the text is small and forces me to squint way more than I should to read it. Especially on the inventory screen (bottom left info).

Edit: As far as the video shown, surprised the person didn't try attacking him again to see if that would force the NPC to attack him so he could parry.

XBLSkull1189d ago

I've had occasional frame rate problems on X1.

CerebralAssassin1189d ago

Like Skulli had frame rate issues during cut scenes. Xbone ver. Overall no real issues yet though. *fingers crossed*

Alexander1Nevermind1189d ago

Minor frame hiccups for me. No crashes yet (PS4 ver)

Snookies121188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Playing on PS4, I haven't had any crashes and I'm about 5 hours in. Barely any frame rate issues, some slight slow down during the opening bath scene for a few seconds and some stuttering on the Griffin scene.

Those are the only two issues I've had, everything else has been just about perfect during gameplay. My only small gripe with the game is that sometimes Geralt moves too fast when trying to loot things, lol. Other than that, I'm loving the game. It does a wonderful job of sucking you into the world.

Onehandband1t1188d ago

Doesn't matter. This happened to me aswell and had to restart the save

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mkis0071189d ago

Same with me..was playing gwent in the first town... And crashed.

HRoach6161189d ago

Happened to me JUST now. Hmm

xander707691189d ago

Exactly where it happened to me on ps4 version. Very early in the game and experience a crash already, dissapointed.

Griever1189d ago

I havent faced any bugs in my 3 hours of play yet but I am very surprised. Didnt CDPR say that the delays were to iron out the kinks and squash the bugs so that the game will be near perfect on release?? That was claimed to be the main reason for the delays. Many gamers supported the delays because they believed they will get a very polished game. I am very surprised at how many people are still having issues like glitches, bugs and crashes.

ab5olut10n1189d ago

Yep, soon as I passed my turn...CRASH.

himdeel1189d ago

Crashes during the card game in the tavern every time. Ive given up on playing the card game all together until a patch.

Scatpants1189d ago

Crashed for me on gwent at the emperors castle. Apparently it's a problem with Gwent.

starchild1189d ago

Strange, I've had zero crashes and very few bugs. I'm running it on:

Windows 7 SP1
i5 2500k overclocked at 4ghz
8GB of RAM
Installed on a SSD
"Unlimited" framerate on an Acer G-Sync monitor.

I've already played over 13 hours and it has been essentially rock solid for me.

Taero1189d ago

On the other hand I played gwent in the first town and it didn't crash, zero bugs for me. I always wonder how specific the actions must be to cause this, like is it attack 3 times, step right and then bug? Or is it more general and probabilistic.

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Silly Mammo1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

It's funny that people believed this game wouldn't have glitches and bugs. The 1st two Witcher games had very serious issues. There were websites created to aid PC gamers on workarounds and such. I remember having to go in and change code to allow me to open certain doors which kept crashing to the desktop on the 1st Witcher game.

Gamers seem to have selective amnesia about certain companies. Everyone loathes Ubisoft for the AC bugs but forget that Bethesda releases some of the worst bugged games in the industry. I never finished Skyrim because it started crashing every 15 minutes. I'm not hating on CDPR. I'm just stating that there is a history of buggy games created by them and this isn't a huge surprise especially it being an open world game.

That being said, I've been playing The Witcher 3 on the PS4 for about an hour and haven't run into any bugs yet.

jb2271189d ago

Yet another example of a developers reach being much further than their grasp...why make 200 hours worth of game if half is superfluous & bugs are aplenty? That's typically why I check out on large titles like this, my time is valuable to me & I'd rather have a rock solid couple hours of play as opposed to dozens of hours worth of playtime that ultimately ends up again with only a couple hours worth of worthwhile content. Really hoping Arkham Knight keeps the Rocksteady pattern of quality up because I can't really get too excited about these other huge open worlds & RPGs, just not my bag.

Vegamyster1189d ago


Not everyone experiences the same issues, i didn't have very many bugs with The Witcher 2 and haven't run into any 6 hours in on The Witcher 3.

LonDonE1188d ago

Been Playing on PS4 and has been flawless !!
Not a single crash/freeze, i am curious if people having crashes bought the digital version and as a result some data packets may be missing/corrupted?

I have the retail disk and have had no issues at all.
The game is incredible!! Crisp, and smooth, i have had a few frame rate dips but nothing to hinder my experience.
I just cant get ever how much the game oozes atmosphere.

The crisp 1080p art is jaw dropping and cdpr should be commended.
My life has gone down the toilet since it launched and i am 20hrs in and allready i can say its my goty and in my top 10 games of all time!
The seamless open world is crazy that it looks this good and still runs smooth with no load times.

I am happy i chose the PS4 version over getting it on my X1, i just dont care at this point digital foundry say about the performance because for me having it run at a smooth 30 mostly and at native 1080p is enough!

Oh i just have to say man I I LOVE the packaging! Like Jesus they gave us a soundtrack cd, stickers, a booklet and proper manual like seriously when the last time u see a company give us such awesome package? I miss the good old days of when the game case, manual and art was part of the experience!

Felt so good, after waiting for this game for so long to finally get it and then to go through the packaging and booklet while the game installed, to sit and smell that sexy new game smell, to look through the art seriously I miss the old days! Today we barely get a manual any more and for a collector like myself cd project nailed it.

What was more awesome was to see the thank you note from cdpr to the fans for thier support, who even does that? It made it feel so personal and special like cdpr gives a damn and appreciates me spending my earned money in day one for the game! Serious they are in a league of their own, and then after firing up the game seeing it look as good as it does and to play over 20 hrs with not one freeze and running at a mostly smooth 30fps native 1080p was a god send!! All this so early in the PS4 life imagine the next witcher game in year 4 or 5?

It's like I said people are underestimating these consoles and I for one am VERY HAPPY!
LOVE U CD PROJEKT and thanks for the ultimate rpg and the first proper next gen rpg and that's for appreciating the customer, the core gamers, the fans! ☺️☺️

XanderZane1189d ago

I was told not to install the patch yet because it was what was causing all the crashes and frame-rate issue on the PS4 version. Anyone playing without the patch installed and having all these similar problems. I'm about to install my copy now, but I'll turn off the auto-update option and not install the patch.

_-EDMIX-_1189d ago

Damn that sucks. A bad on one XONE

I've been reading on NeoGaf some XONE users can't even play it.

Eonjay1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

I think that is why everyone got PC/PS4 review codes. There does seem to be a temp fix at least.

I had issues on PS4 as well and I think both may be related to the patch.

SniperControl1189d ago


PC version is not that much better, played it for an hour yesterday, having big framerate issues and that's running on a GTX970 SLI setup as well.

Gave up in the end, i'll wait for a patch, back to Project CARS.

Alexander1Nevermind1188d ago


did you update your drivers? Nvidia recently released an update.

john171188d ago

Twice I lost my saves. I got that "loading" screen too.
But there is a workaround.
-Save often
-If for some reason,when you try to save you get "save its not possible" ,DONT TRY TO DELETE ANY SAVE GAMES AND THEN RETRY TO SAVE(it will probably work but your save will be corrupted), instead stop playing , quit the game and restart the game. If now you get a loading screen that seems to last forever( something went wrong with your last save), then hard restart your console .
-now everything should work fine, but probably you lost your last save
-This way you only gonna lose 10 mins of your game(and not like me 3 or 4 hours) $#%$#%.

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LamerTamer1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Maybe they should have spent more time debugging and less time downgrading.

This gen is certainly not for those that don't want to be constantly online patching broken rushed out games.

Love that glowing cartoon grass in the video, ugh.

jb2271189d ago

What about the "wind effects"? I was watching some gameplay footage the other day & the wind physics were totally off, small grass thrashing w/ the exact same velocity as huge sturdy trees and what would amount to gale force winds blowing at all times, even w/ the clearest of skies. Maybe it was just one small section, but that would get annoying if it's persistent.

cheetah1189d ago

Mine crashed playing the card game in the first town. Ps4 ver.

Haru1189d ago

It's okay guys remember this is CDPR they are the good guys right? So it's okay if the game crashesh lags and it's half broke! just get ovr it :)

1189d ago
kingeliran1189d ago

Audio Stutters for me game runs fine but unplayable because of the stutters

NuggetsOfGod1189d ago

In my book 30fps is a bug lol

THEDON82z11189d ago

Anybody run into the Scavenger Hunt : Viper School Gear ***BUG**. http://forums.cdprojektred....
It happened to me and it sucks hope they found a workaround. I am playing on my PC (got it as a gift) and had two crashes (one during loading and one during a conversation).Other than that after about 12 hours of playing currently everything is fine. I hope they iron out the bugs, anyway to everybody who got the game...Enjoy, I am having a blast!!!

THEDON82z11188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Update: Almost forgot for PC players I have been using this workaround (for the GOG version) and my playtime is flawless.
1)Go to game bin.
2)find Galaxy.dll
3)copy and past it somewhere safe.
4)Delete it out of the game bin.
5)Start the game.
6) It will say error but should continue to play.
7)When you want to update it just copy/past the Galaxy.dll back in the game bin and proceed with your update.
This elimanated all freezes and random crashes for me, however some bugs (like the one I mentioned previously) needs to be patched.I also am using my DS4 PAD(WITH INPUT MAPPER) and getting excellent results.Hope this helps enjoy!!

Kidmyst1188d ago

I had the loading screen issue with PS4, uninstalled and reinstalled, played without the day 1 patch and it worked just fine. Saved, installed the patch and then game loaded good. But I tried twice with the day one patch and had to sit through the first cinematics which can't be skipped 2 times before the 3rd try without the patch.

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WizzroSupreme1189d ago

I guess this is something you just come to expect from a game this big, but hope they jump on this with a patch sooner than later.

Dario_DC1189d ago

I've spent a few hours on this game, never had a single crash but the Horse has some annoying bugs, specially when going through bridges or entering cities....

Farmassy1189d ago

Same here. I had to dismount and walk across a couple bridges. Then I called the horse over

NovusTerminus1189d ago

The horse in this game is like the brain dead horse on Family Guy...

q8kik1189d ago

I swear even Agro was better than this.

Adamon11189d ago

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. Played it on my ps4 for about 5 hours last night without so much as a single glitch. Although some of the cut scenes had some weird random frame rate drops but in game it was rock solid.

Nitrowolf21189d ago

I'm having cutscene issues also with fps, and some odd Pop ins that always happens right before it cuts to the next shot in the scenes

starforge711189d ago

no problems for me on ps4 put in about 7 hours