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A majestic, earthy open-world adventure with great integrity and personality, this is the best role-playing game in years.

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higgins781100d ago

Damn me and my gluttony. This is the first game I have bought for my PS4 in what feels like an age - GTA being the last. I suspected it would not be my bag, despite all the glowing reviews (such as this) doing the rounds. Roughly 1 hour in I can tell already I was indeed correct, I am unlikely to enjoy it and less likely to give it much more playtime. Obviously a great game for many people but I should know in future to stick to Nintendo, almost all their games have me hooked in the first few minutes. Each his own.

Griever1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

People have different tastes. I feel the same way about most of the Nintendo games. Playing games that look like cartoons and jumping on platforms are just not fun for me. Others may love them and I am fine with that. Personally, I like my games with a decent plot, some resemblance to the real world, mature underlying themes and deep gamepla. Witcher 3 is all that with its tackling of issues like racism, politics, religious fanaticism, war and morality along with a deep gameplay and huge world full of quests and interesting people to explore.
By the way, care to share your PSN ID? Maybe we can play together sometime?

FullmetalRoyale1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

I went in totally dismissing all the previews and reviews, as I find them to be so awful to read when they over praise something.

"Is 'X' LITERALLY orgasmic for your current gen console?!" That's how pretty much all of it reads to me. I'm so sick of the damn hype machine consuming everyone up in it.
That being said; I am digging TW3. I certainly am not going to drown it in the bathtub of hyperbole, but I really am enjoying it.
I'm sorry you aren't really digging it, but at least you tried to go out of your comfort zone. I just got past the opening zone, and immidiately went back to it to finish the quests I had. I really want to get back to playing it.
People went on about how it's story driven, and that's how it feels, even the side quests. I really like the dialogue in this game.

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DEEBO1099d ago

Man witcher3 is a good game some people like different types of games but as far as action/RPG goes witcher3 three is up there with the best.