Reign of Kings - Iron Fist or Open Hand?

Zack Keosaian writes: "The beauty of online multiplayer is in the camera perspective of the beholder. In our modern world, we play games together that provide game worlds capable of hosting almost endless possibilities. Sandbox survival games push that possibility even further, allowing players to craft, team up, fight, and explore. Encountering other players in games is a core event that the experience is built upon. Reign of Kings has opened my eyes to what we're capable of as developers and players, and it's terrifying and exciting to see where we may be heading with online gaming. In my short play session to get acquainted with the game for this segment, I endured a handful of strange and hysterical things. For years we've seen success in MMO's, particularly in RPG's. But when the survival and crafting mechanics are introduced, virtual reality becomes a blank canvas for players in each server. In this piece, I'd like to share my first experience with Reign of Kings, and speculate a bit about the direction we're taking in online survival sandbox games."

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