Comedic Youtube Video Accurately Captures the Woes of Being an Amiibo Collector

A humorous and satirical Youtube video produced by The Warp Zone accurately paints the common woes all amiibo collectors feel and struggle against.

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DryBoneKoopa851074d ago

This is the best video ever! This is totally how it feels to buy Amiibo's lol. I just had my Jigglypuff Amiibo cancelled on me and now I need to go and find another way to get one. Was not happy... Also Toy's R Us screwed four people out of the 10 in line out of Greninja because they wanted to save pre orders for themselves.

It's really sad what the Amiibo situation has become. I'm glad their a HUGE success for Nintendo but they need to get more on store shelves like yesterday!

I know when Skylanders launched their was a supply issue for Activision. The following next year when Giant's launched their was not that big of an issue locating the figures you wanted or needed. So in the end I'm going to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt and wait till next year to see if the problem is fixed.

kirbyu1073d ago

Why did Villager become rare? Animal Crossing is a really popular series, and his design is simple enough that he looks like he'd be easy to make.