Fallout 4: Back to the Wasteland?

Chris White has fond memories of Fallout 3 but craves to make new ones with the soon-to-be announced Fallout 4.

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Hellsvacancy1034d ago

I'll settle for a Fallout 3/New Vegas remaster if Fallout 4 isn't ready

wakeNbake1034d ago

Skyrim remaster is far more likely.

DarkBlood1034d ago

Hadn't it always been a wasteland?

SolidStoner1034d ago

yes.. and if its not a wasteland, then it should not wear Fallout name on it!

KryptoniteTail1034d ago

I will take TES happily if FO isn't ready but just remasters won't suffice, nor any other sequel they have (but a new IP would be good enough IF it's either like FO/TES or is in the same vein as them to an extent but based off an existing IP; imagine a Bethesda DBZ!).

Bolts1034d ago

Stop it with the moronic pleads for remastered. Not only are they ripping you off with recycled content and graphics that PC gamers are getting for free, you're also damning future console generations to the same horrible cycle of rapeage. I definitely do not want spend the first two years of the PS5 playing Bloodborne Remastered, Dragon Age: Inqusition a Remastered and the Witcher 3 Remastered.

ManAnimalX1034d ago


Well said. its the Truth. Bubbled you up sir, well deserved.

kaizokuspy1034d ago

Yes but that's from a pc gamer perspective. I was 18 when the 360 came out and I loved the games they had then like gow series and halo series. I'm a pretty solid ps4 gamer now but I missed out on the ps3 era. Why would I not want a ps4 remaster of games that look too dated on an older console when I can just buy a remastered version?

Simple solution is go buy a pc, but I have no interest in getting into that until I'm married off and established. Consoles and their remasters are good for everyone. More devs that have more revenue, they can then take that and sink into riskier ventures like new is or stave off having to go to the mobile market like konami.

WizzroSupreme1034d ago

Gimme Fallout 4, Bethesda! I need it! We need it! We all need it!

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