Do You Even Care About Review Scores For The Witcher 3?

Even though The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is dragging down big scores, is it fair to say that most gamers already made a purchase decision months ago?

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nucky641010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

no. I don't care. just like bloodborne, i'll buy witcher3 regardless of review scores. I'd had both games preordered for months.
actually, I never depend on review scores. devs like CDPR, GG, FROM, rockstar, ND, just know they're going to hit a homerun on every release.

Yi-Long1010d ago

The game seems good, most reviews are positive, and I want to support these developers, so those are all the reasons I needed to pick it up this afternoon.

Sadly, my hardcover game guide hasn't arrived today yet. A bit disappointing.

JoGam1010d ago

I'm confused. Did the game score badly?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1010d ago

No, not really. I don't care about that game either way. It just looks whatever, don't see what the big deal is. Looks like another Elder Scrolls: SKyrim which I don't even like.

Don't people get tired of yet another medieval RPG where you ride your horse, cast spells, slash at enemies with your sword and get over encumbered. Seems like people have done that shit for like 10 thousand hours already.

bradfh1010d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles

If you dont care about the game why did you hit the link, people like you why games gets bad reviews

Allsystemgamer1010d ago


Don't you get tired of games where you sprint, duck behind cover and shoot everything till it's dead then move to the next room to do the exact same thing?

Witcher has

Meaningful dialogue
Your decisions actually shape the world
Great combat
In depth crafting

Ah who am I kidding. You have a narrow minded perception and clearly only like one kind of game

HammadTheBeast1010d ago


No, the game scored very well, 9's and 10's across the board. Literally the only major review I have a problem with is Polygon's which, while the first half is acceptable, they make a whole other half to cater to their SJW audience, complaining about the fact that you can beat females (meanwhile, decapitating males is fine), the fact that there is nudity and sexualization of women (which is equal to the ones for men and correlates to the Witcher books, so the characters look the way they do for a reason) and just some wildly stupid criticisms.

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PANDAB1010d ago

Given the history of CDPR?...Nope

Psychotica1010d ago

Not the actual score. I just read reviews to see if there is something about the game I am not aware of that makes it a must buy or a must avoid..

kitkokut1010d ago

I think we are all influenced in some way by what others think, but luckily games are made with an audience in mind. Just because I didn't enjoy Bloodborne as much as my friends doesn't mean that I don't respect it for being a well made and presented game. It just wasn't made with me in mind. If someone doesn't enjoy reading and listening to dialog, then they probably aren't going to enjoy The Witcher 3, but they should respect it for being a great game for the genre.

Yi-Long1010d ago

Agreed. And sadly, it's when developers will start to aim for as big an audience as possible, that their product becomes a bit of everything and nothing, so instead developers should just aim for making it the best game in it's specific genre, aiming to please that specific fanbase it's aimed at, and only then when it's a great game, they'll have a chance to reach a wide audience due to positive word of mouth.

Tdmd1010d ago

Here where I live there is no gaming rentals, most of the ppl I know haven't upgraded their old gen consoles yet, and a ps4 game, at launch, cost something around $83, so yeah, most of the time, I'm pretty much dependent on gaming reviews and streaming to decide whether or not I'll buy something at launch. That being said, The Witcher 3 was the second game this year I've bought without waiting for reviews (the other one being bloodborne). I'm still waiting for my hard copy to arrive, so I hope I don't get disappointed!

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