NHL 16 Full Feature Reveal Leaked Early?

It looks like EA accidentally jumped the gun today and released the full list of NHL 16 features.

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JLynn9431039d ago

All I want in this game is the ability to fantasy draft a team again. NHL 15 was so barren feature-wise, that even something as seemingly simple as that was missing. If it's not back, I'm not buying it.

Psychotica1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

I wish they could add just a simple season mode without all the ultimate team crap. Just pick a team and play a season and see if you can win it all. That's it, nothing else is needed for that game mode.

iistuii1039d ago

GM online coop mode I used to play with my yank friend, take the Hawks to the Stanley cup, hope that returns after being dropped in NHL 15 next gen

Soldierone1039d ago

Hey look all these new features... oh wait, they are just adding what they took out. lol

Seriously NHL 15 buyers deserve a discount since they are technically just buying the rest of the game.

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