Retro Freak Console Update, Now with Pics

Carl Williams writes, "A while back we covered the Retro Freak console, a platform that will apparently offer owners access to no less than 11 consoles and hand helds of the past. In that original post there was only a piece of concept art available, now there have been a few more pieces of concept art made available. These new pieces show off the unit more, console cartridge placement and general size better than originally explained. Cyber Gadget is pushing the Retro Freak directly at the same market that the Retron 5 by Hyperkin is focusing on. Will the Retro Freak be able to dethrone the current “leader” of aftermarket all in one retro platforms?"

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MultiConsoleGamer1072d ago

This seems very promising. They're definitely off to the right start with that controller. I will follow this project with great interest.

triverse1072d ago

Yea, I have to agree. This is definitely a promising console and is worth following closely. I just hope it doesn't become another vaporware platform.

MultiConsoleGamer1072d ago

That was something that crossed my mind as well. I was also concerned that we may never see NTSC and PAL versions. Hopefully if they get enough exposure the system will be launched world wide.

I do think their website is very professional and seems to imply they are taking the product very seriously.