The Top 5 Most Moronic Video Game Endings

Not every video game has a decent ending. MMO-Play's The Higgs breaks down five of the dumbest, most unsatisfying video game endings of all time.

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Jalva1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

Resistance 3's ending, what a major f*ck you to the fans of that franchise, it felt so rushed and lazy and made no sense in any context, it was so untrue to the story in every way, keep in mind this is the conclusion to the entire franchise, nobody, I repeat, NOBODY can say this ending isn't absolute shit.

Edit: Also, if you haven't played the game, how about instead of just disagreeing with me because Resistance is a Sony IP, actually watch the bloody video and see for yourself just how shit the ending actually is, that would be great.

wheresmymonkey1036d ago

Surely you mean resistance 2. I thought three had quite a good ending. 2 was the worst. oh no he goes bad. boom. THE END!!!!!!

Actually come to think of it none of the resistance game's have particularly good endings.