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Better known for their smash hit Mobile games such as Land-A Panda, Off the Leash and Piyo Blocks, Big Pixel Studios have decided to turn their attention to the consoles with Mega Coin Squad being released onto the Xbox One, having previously made it’s debut on Steam back in 2014.

Published by Adult Swim Games, Mega Coin Squad is another addition to the hugely popular [email protected] Program that keeps on reeling out classic game after classic game. Big Pixel Studios pay homage to the retro classic arcade games of the 80’s with the look and feel of a modern day game to bring it up to date. It’s a fast paced, frantic, 2D platforming game where the sole aim is to make it through rounds collecting and banking a set amount of coins while attempting to fend off various enemies.

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MultiConsoleGamer1073d ago

I definitely like the retro styling.