The Death of Konami and Why a Silent Hills VR Could Have Saved It

If Konami’s new CEO were more sensible, his vision for the company’s new direction would focused on traditional and VR games.

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ValKilmer1186d ago

Silent Hills VR could have been a killer app for Morpheus.

Rimeskeem1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I'm crossing my fingers that Sony and Kojima made a secret deal and got Del Toro on it so they will make a 'Silent Hills' style game with the same people just different names and it will be called 'Quiet Mountains'.

Too much to ask for?


That would be pretty cool if done right but I guess you can say that for practically any game in VR

ValKilmer1186d ago

Would you like to see Kojima and Del Toro team up for a Pacific Rim VR game?

FATHASUN1185d ago

Heard it before. A few daus ago maybe. Are you the source of this Quiet Mountains idea?

Relientk771186d ago

I don't know if I coulda handled Silent Hills in VR

in P.T. when that girl jumps on you, holy sh*t I jumped so high and almost dropped my controller

ValKilmer1186d ago

Surely the Collector's Edition would come with a spare pair of underwear.

gangsta_red1186d ago

I love these over sensational writings like, "The Death of Konami..." or "Konami’s new CEO, Hideki Hayakawa, has shown that he will single-handedly be destroying a once great game company".

I mean I hate to see Konami go in this direction but lets all be honest here...besides Metal Gear what was Konami doing that made them a huge success last gen?

Their recent Silent Hill games were mediocre to sub par at best. Castlevania reboot was good but part 2 fell flat on it's rear. I guess they had their Soccer game, but other than that there has been no new Contra, Gradius, Zone of Enders or anything else.

If they would have continued on that track they would have been doomed regardless.

hasamalaha1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Scratch that...

Jalva1186d ago

Konami is far from dead, sorry N4G.

Testfire1186d ago

As a company as a whole, I agree. As a video game company, they are on the road to death. But the fallacy I see is that people assume Konami gives a crap about video games. With all the money they get from pachinko, I think video games are more of a nuisance and afterthought. I wouldn't be surprised if one day they sell all their IPs and get out of the video game business.

comebackkid98911185d ago

We should compile our money and buy the Silent Hill IP.

Palitera1185d ago

They'll probably profit a lot more now they abandoned AaA gaming.

Rimeskeem1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Do you like to come on articles just to disagree with them?

Konami is done with consoles and in that way is dead to many people. They got rid of their most respected employee (Kojima) and are now on the mobile future. Konami as a whole is not dead but the part that creates what many found amazing is now dead.

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

Sorta agree. In terms of gaming....yes, but not in terms of a company over all. They do more then just make games in Japan anyway.

I don't get the articles about this company...."could have saved it" LMFAO! Who the hell thinks Konami wants to be "saved"? They are making it clear they don't want to be in gaming period. or better yet, console gaming. The want mobile or likely want to sell off their IPs and be done with it.

I'm 100% fine with that as, "saving" Konami is just giving them more mess up even MORE in the future...I'd rather the ip be bought by a better publisher/team and be done with it.

A better article should be, who's buying Konami's IPs? Or who should buy what IPs as THQ's IPs went to different publishers.

moomoo3191186d ago

"Death"... so over-dramatic. AAA games cost a lot to make and Konami is in the business of making money, not loosing it over kojima and del toro

rocketpanda1185d ago

Seeing as it costs so damn much to develop AAA games you would think Konami would at least know how to many their iconic franchises or even their gaming division. They are losing money is their fault and their fault alone.

Del Toro and Kojima can move away from Konami and still produce great things respectively.

The same Konami that saturated their silent hill titles by releasing 3 in the same month calling it the month of madness. The same business that releases silent hill 2 had remakes with unfinished code because they lost most of the original code. Saying they won't make a jrp like Suikoden because they forgot how to . The list goes on.

Business and Konami don't mix, they know nothing about and how to manage.

moomoo3191185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Lol well said. Kojima and del toro can do whatever they want now. i meant it wouldve cost konami a lot of money to pay both of them and give them dev teams for AAA games

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