Bloodborne’s Tragic Tale of Father Gascoigne and His Family Explained

Spoilers ahead, but check out this Bloodborne lore story explanation of Father Gascoigne and his family.

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Jackhass861d ago

I don't care how tragic the story is -- after all the times I died on him, he deserves whatever he got.

sashimi861d ago

ya know there was a certain sidequest that made him easier? i found it by accident :P

HammadTheBeast861d ago

I guess I must've missed it but I've been hearing about a music box?

Bimkoblerutso861d ago

I think that's one of the most impressive aspects of these games is, and not a lot of people realize it.

Almost every item, every enemy, every boss makes contextual sense within the setting. If you read the description of the music box, it makes sense when you use it against Gascoigne.

oasdada861d ago

I got the box but found our about its use after i had killed him :P

Bathyj861d ago

I got the music box but I didnt use it. Beat him first go.

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gangsta_red861d ago

Father Gascoigne is especially tragic especially the fate of his children.

I also found Alfred's quest line very tragic also.

WildArmed861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

Considering that Father Gascoigne actually helps you fight Cleric Beast makes it even more tragic.

He was my only support during the first week of bloodborne, Gascoigne and me... facing off against the Cleric.


On a side note, Eileen (The Crow) may be the father of Gasoigne (and wife of henryk!)

pedrof93861d ago

"On a side note, Eileen (The Crow) may be the father of Gasoigne (and wife of henryk!)"

What ?

DEEBO861d ago

Damn these stories are horrible but on a better note, witcher3 in 5 minutes baby!

RIP corey hill

Love you bro!

jjonez18861d ago

FROM should write tragedies.

InTheLab861d ago

Not sure what's worse. The poor little girl. The mom. Or the psychotic sister who probably fed little sis to the beasts for a ribbon...

WildArmed861d ago

lol I think she just goes nuts (and thus kills herself) once she finds out not only is her mother (and father) dead, but also her baby sister.

Hence her jump to end her suffering.

InTheLab861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

Yeah that and the moon at that point is screwing with every one. Maybe she hit circle insteado of x for the ladder and noob killed herself like I do... lol

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The story is too old to be commented.