Doom: Five Things We Want to See in the Next Game

Overmental: Bethesda unveiled a teaser for the next Doom, which they’re planning to reveal at E3, 2015 in June. We knew great things were coming when the company announced they’re hosting their own press conference at the event, but we weren’t sure what they are.

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Jackhass1190d ago

Hopefully this is as old-school and dumb as possible.

Snookies121190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

I just want hordes of angry super demons, insane weapons, metal music, nightmarish surroundings and colored doors/keys to go through. All in lovely HD graphics. That is my dream for Doom.

dcj05241190d ago


I8CerealToo1190d ago

Yes. I would also love to have enemies react to shots like they do in Rage. It makes the weapons feel so impactful. Cant wait for Doom.

G3n3raL861190d ago

You sir, nailed what DooM really should be:)

Revolver_X_1190d ago

Wolfenstein The New Order hit the nail on the head. A nice mix of old and new. Im hoping Doom can also find that sweet spot.

gangsta_red1190d ago

"We hope the next Doom is restricted to pure shooter gameplay. That doesn't mean we don’t want the devs to be inventive with the mechanics and systems. We just want to play a game that’s loyal to the days of old."

I second that, I think part of DOOM's appeal and charm is the old school gameplay it has. I remember playing Doom the Lost Levels on PS1(?) and just enjoyed the insanity and simplicity of it all. I welcome a return to that for this series instead of tacking on some human, emotional story bogged down with moral choices or something similar.

One guy battling his way through hell.

BillytheBarbarian1190d ago

Did anyone buy Doom 4? I didn't even know it came out until I saw it on the shelf at Target

Heyxyz1190d ago

Doom 4 (as we know it) will never be released. Right now Bethesda is working on a Doom reboot, and we should expect more details at E3.

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