Nintendo's President Won't be at E3 2015

Nintendo told IGN today that company President and CEO Satoru Iwata would be skipping E3 for the second consecutive year in a row.

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Big_Game_Hunters1190d ago

I never noticed he wasn't there last year. Just give us the games.

subtenko1190d ago

The second year in a Look man, what ever you have to do, do it but plan ahead for E3, be present and be a face for the company...

Better at least have a video shown at the press conference.

Germany71190d ago

He was sick last year, that's why he was not there.

subtenko1189d ago

Us past Nintendo fans actually want Nintendo to succeed ya know.....we want to be Nintendo fans again..

comebackkid98911190d ago

Having a prior obligation once is a coincidence, having a prior obligation twice is a trend.

Concertoine1190d ago

Last year he was recovering from surgery on his stomach i believe.

Either way, who cares if he's there? The event is pre-recorded.

subtenko1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

That ok, Nintendo fans dont deserve that kind of interaction.

When all of most of the major positions in the company are preset for E3, that says a lot for its community vs no one showing up but a spokesman....

One of the many things wrong with Nintendo. F u guys, this is one of the things I dont like whats happened to nintendo. Looks like N64 days will always be Nintendos prime and it sucks...I want it back. Will take a lot to win back Nintendo fans that have left such as myself.

I thought it was cool when he DID have the pre-recorded video at E3, thats why if he at least does a video it will show his fans that he cares. No one is sick throughout the whole year.. Im hearing excuses...

Big_Game_Hunters1189d ago

I don't understand, why is it so important that he goes to E3? does him not being there directly affect the games? Someone explain why this is a big deal. As a consumer who watches E3 for the games i don't get why its so important. Shpuld i also care that Kaz hasn't been to E3 in a while?

N4g_null1189d ago

hopefully he does get better. E3 is about the games. Miyamoto will be there so all bases are covered. Iwata is needed back in the r and d dome. They are cooking up some thing good.

Erik73571190d ago

Nintendo has never really put to much care into e3 ever since the Wii-U launched. They have decent enough first party/2nd party games to show at e3 to line up against Sony and Microsoft. That's not the problem.

The problem is that with games like Final fantasy 15, witcher 3, just cause 2,metal gear solid, batman, are all skipping the Wiiu....its kinda hard to showcase a bunch of games for your console line-up at e3 when all it is is first party/2nd party and a few indies.....

They are smart so they break it up in segments all through out the year to stretch it out and to keep more momentum going.
Pretty sure they are determined to turn things around with their next gen console....I wouldn't expect them to show that yet and won't happen.

MSBAUSTX1190d ago

Splatoon this month, Mario Maker, Yoshis Wooly World, Devils Third, Star Fox, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Yeah youre right just a couple small titles and some indies. What a joke. The games Nintendo are releasing this year are huge and massively anticipated. Their E3 showing was the most talked about last year heading in to the holidays because of MK8 and Smash. We dont even know what they have in store that hasnt been announced yet. So nice try but you are wrong.

Erik73571190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

If anything you proved my point even more!
All of what you mentioned is 2nd party and 1st party my friend. What a joke indeed. I guess I am wrong even though your comment was backing up my comment. Yes a "few" indies....don't fool yourself...not even in the same league as steam,PlayStation,and xbox in terms of indie.

For every first party/2nd party game you mention I can come up with 3 3rd party games that people will want off the top of mind.

Witcher 3
Fallout 4
Dues ex human
Final Fantasy 15
Just cause 3
Mad Max
Batman arkham knight
Metal Gear solid 5
The Division
Persona 5
Mortal Kombat 5
Rainbow six Siege
Kingdom hearts 3
Mirrors edge 2
Rise of Tomb Raider
ANd this is not even all of them and right before e3 before get a another huge amount to add to this list.

This is just 3rd party...not even counting first party and Indie...if I would include that it would make Nintendo's line up for the wii-u look like a rain drop in a ocean.

I love how distraught from the gaming community Nintendo fans are and how defensive they can be when all I said in my first comment was that they have no 3rd party support COMPARED to other competitors and focus on 1st/2nd party....some how it translate that into me saying "just a couple of small titles". Hopefully most gamers who just game on Nintendo consoles aren't all like this....maybe it's just the radical ones on N4G?

comebackkid98911190d ago

An e-shop game, a flash game, a re-skinned kirby game, a game in development hell, a game that just started development, and X.

N4g_null1189d ago

Nice list fries1223, but im not buying it. I dont really play FF anymore or kingdom hearts. Mad max is empty and uninspired, batman is off putting also, i don't battlefield any more. Mortal kombat?

Fallout looks interesting. after the current launch of most games they showed at last E3 i will wait cautiously to see if they are actually fun. I don't buy brands in gaming any more there are too many people pushing their bad ideas for what a game is suppose to be into them.

Then if they are good I can get those games on PC. So you get a huge MEh for that list man. The games will be patch fest or huge let downs while still looking good enough to trick you into buying them.

yet xenoblade is going to be big close to a dream game to me.. Mariomaker is going to evolve into something bigger ive been making these level for ever. Devils third is a fps that is a fps... im more excited about splatoon. If devils third has some other game play like running on walls... like the original debut trailer then im interested. I do know the maker knows how to make hard games though. The multiplayer maybe worth it.

I mean you are in nintendo news talking about games that are on other platforms including PC. You really should expect a meh. Wiiu gamers with a PC are going to give you an even bigger meh.

I mean just look at last years E3. nintendo won that by showing that small number of games that where not cgi trailers. Do you get it... they showed games being played for hours some times. Nothing crashed... nintendo had zero games that had total game breaking bugs. Indies are put thur a similar high standard on the wiiu and 3ds... yes nintendo does check you game for structural cracks.

Do you ever notice wiiu gamers talk more about the game than frame rates? it's because we are into having fun. Most of us also don't look to a console to try and keep up with a PC. We have PCs for that. It also helps that nintendo shares our views on what is an exceptable frame rate.

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marloc_x1190d ago

Zzz..E3 showcasing the games you mentioned across 3 different platforms?

What a joke indeed ;)

Erik73571190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

And Nintendo has none of them...I feel like that should be a joke but it's not.

You don't get it. Does not matter if its exclusive or not, you still can't get those games if you just have a Wii-U...who cares if its a exclusive? It still sucks just as much for the guy stuck with just a Wii-U! All those games can be gotton on a ps4. Tomb raider will come to it a few months later.

Xof1190d ago

Nintendo's new policy:

1. Ignore E3.
2. Actively attack new media.
3. Be surprised when sales suck.

subtenko1189d ago

Nintendo fans are clueless about business and public relations. You can tell by the replys people leave. People cant take critisicim that would HELP Nintendo.

You could say Nintendo should have more new IPs and people will be appalled and say "What! we dont need no new IPS, we have plenty!"

SMH People actually want Nintendo to succeed..get a clue people.

ChickeyCantor1189d ago


Implying they need new IP's because they are making little money? Last i checked their business is doing fine.

Xof1189d ago

Nintendo doesn't really need new IPs.

They have a library that should be generating way more sales than it has. The reason it hasn't is simple: Nintendo is failing to take advantage of the new marketing dynamics of new media and is, in fact, actively fighting against it.

Their whole business model seems to revolve around appealing to existing consumers and utterly ignoring potential consumers--a recipe for disaster if ever there was one.

MSBAUSTX1190d ago

I shall let the disagrees and agrees speak for themselves. Good day.

roboshort1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

You forget that Nintendo also has the 3ds.. Anyway, you are wrong in saying that Nintendo doesn't put care into E3; they are bringing back the Nintendo World Championships this year... There isn't really much they can do about 3rd parties. While it sucks and is hurting Nintendo that a lot of 3rd party stuff isn't available for the WiiU, Nintendo has published a lot of great titles this generation with a lot of good gameplay. You are right, though, that for most people Nintendo really can't compete against a lot of 3rd party companies all by itself save for a few non-indie 3rd party titles that are being put out for it. What makes it worse is this year has been pretty slow for the WiiU in the US so far. They have released a couple of pretty good but niche titles in Mario vs. DK and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and released an apparent dud in Mario Party. It looks like things are going to start picking up, though. I live in Japan now so I am playing the new Xenoblade at the moment, and it has become my favorite game for the WiiU.. It has a lot of originality and also improves on things from the previous title, most noticeably the combat, which is a lot of fun.

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Zodiac1190d ago

There have been a few reports regarding his health for the last year or so. I hope he is doing ok.

BigDuo1190d ago

He's probably doing alright now. Iwata does have an upcoming sharerholders meeting the week after E3. Naturally, he also has more responsibilities because of his promotion to CEO of Nintendo of America. Nintendo's got a lot of things going on from new platforms in R&D to various 3DS and Wii U titles currently in development, new mobile games partnership, Universal Studios attraction project, more ammibo-related products on the way and other things such has the Quality of Life product. Obviously ,there's a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff Iwata's involved in.

DryBoneKoopa851190d ago

You might be the most intelligent person on here! You got a intelligent bubble up from me!

Kalebninja1190d ago

I don't like him anyway and wish he kept his word about stepping down, Nintendo needs a new leader fresh ideas.

Wii_nes_0071190d ago

I love nintendo, look at my user name lol. I agree, Iwata has to go.

DryBoneKoopa851190d ago

Fresh Ideas? Are you for real? For the first time in awhile I have to say Nintendo has been coming up with fresh ideas. Amiibo, Universal studios rides, mobile, their quality of life plans and all the other little things Nintendo has going on.

Iwata has been VERY aggressive about securing the future of Nintendo.

You don't see Nintendo fans calling for the head of Kazuo Hirai because he is running Sony into the ground year after year. This whole Iwata needs to go crap needs to end. The guy is here to stay whether you like it or not.

PigPen1190d ago

You might be the most intelligent person on here. Now you have a bubble.

Kalebninja1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

amiibo is a copy of whats already been done but expanded on slightly. Everyone and their mothers have been making mobile games its not new nintendos fairly late. theme park rides are cool but they have absolutely nothing to do with there current problem.And why even mention quality of life, it doesn't bring us a better console or more games or third party support. how many franchises have been left in the dust? bringing back those would do good. not making a console that comes with a 150$ controller would be great, oh and something Nintendo hasn't done in a while, actually make hardware big companies want to put their games on.

roboshort1190d ago

If you look at the evidence, you would see that it is Sony and Microsoft who don't have many fresh ideas, and Nintendo actually does, whether you like Nintendo's ideas or not. Sony and Microsoft tend to follow the trends.. Nintendo may be better off doing the same.

gamerqc1190d ago

Why care about E3 when you have Direct? Less costs, less stress for the people at Nintendo. Honestly E3 is a relic of the past and I wouldn't care if the event stopped altogether. Many game announcements are made throughout the year, we don't really need it.

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