PS4 & XBox One Combined Have Sold 34 Million Units, 110 Million by 2019 According to Take-Two

During the take-two financial conference call for the fourth quarter of 2015, the publisher announced the IDG estimates for combined sales of PS4 and Xbox One.

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Relientk771186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

And they said consoles were doomed. Yeah, right

u got owned1186d ago

If they die there will always be PC at least.

OrangePowerz1185d ago

I have doubts that the PC market could sustane the industry.

Lennoxb631185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

If PCs were so cheap and easy to use/setup for games. Wouldn't consoles be obsolete? There is clear divide in tech savvy and money when comparing consoles and PC.

Without consoles the gaming community would be 2 to 3 times smaller and be considered a niche hobby. Plus developer's games are about half the price they released at in a couple weeks or even before. The Witcher has already been significantly decreased in price in some places.

Lets do the math. The Witcher 3 becomes $35 in a couple weeks (which I'm pretty sure it will). It will have to sell nearly double the units that consoles do. This is why some of PCs most talented are releasing on console now.

KilluaX31185d ago


Sony and Microsoft take 70% from the sales, while Steam takes 30%.

OrangePowerz1185d ago


Where did you get that incorrect information from?

Muerte24941185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Hey Abriael,

Some guy on Gaf is claiming this number is sold-through. Is there any evidence that suggest this is a sold-through number and not a sold-in (shipped)? Because I'm not finding any other source claiming this to be sold-to-consumer. I think this guys is just talking out of his ass.

I'm finding it hard for this to be sold through since MSFT hasn't revealed the split between XB1/XBOX360

xHeavYx1185d ago

Why are you saying that his information is incorrect without submitting proof to back up your accusation?

Imalwaysright1185d ago

@ OrangePowerz

And yet PC market generates more money than all consoles combined.

Muerte24941185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Nevermind, I found it.

It was @ exactly 9:08 into the conference call were he only said 34 million and expected to both XB1/PS4 to sell 50 million. I knew that guys was just claiming shit. This number isn't sold-to-consumer guys. These are most likely shipped numbers.

Sony reported 22.M as of March 31, 2015, so this would place XBOX 1 @ 12M. shipped.

Have a listen if you don't believe me. Again, he mentions this @ 9 minutes and 8 seconds into the call.

OrangePowerz1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )


If MS and Sony take 70% and retail stores take their share that would leave nothing. On top of that do you think companies would push to make and promote their games for consoles if PC would be that much more lucrative? Every developer and publisher would be bankrupt if they would give 70% away + the share the retailers take.


Those numbers are skewered by F2P games like LoL, Korean and Chineae F2P, etc. If you look at traditional games only they generate a lot less money. Traditional games like The Witcher wouldn't be sustainable on PC alone in the long run with increasing development costs due to increasing hardware power and complexity.

Clunkyd1185d ago


LMAO you think AAA devs and publishers are going to give a rats ass about PC when most of their sales come from consoles.
BTW, PC isn't a consumer friendly product for casual gamers.

UltraNova1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

After recent announcements from Konami, Square and Take 2 that they are actively shifting to mobile platforms I wonder what makes people believe that PC could ever hold gaming alive on its own...

I mean 1/3 of PC gamers pirate, if not more, and even then as the guy above already mentioned PC's are not considered casual gamer friendly (while consoles are).

If by some horrible turn of events console gaming dies and gaming in general is reduced/divided to a small niche hardcore PC and huge mobile scene then that will be a sad sad day for us gamers.

OT: 110 million consoles by 2019? Ok if both ps4 and xb1 sell something like 30-35 million (combined) consoles per year then 110 seems like an understatement to me. And lets not forget the two huge boosts both will get with the slim versions and inevitable price drops, not to mention the true heavy hitters aren't out yet.

All things considered, I'd say 130-140 is closer to reality.

Imalwaysright1185d ago

@ OrangePowerz

So? Those are still videogames and part of this industry. PC generates more money on the software side of this industry. Let's not forget that PC market also sustained genres pratically on its own for decades like RTS games.

Now let's look at the hardware side of things.

As you can see Nvidia is consolidating their lead over AMD despite them having their GPUs and CPUs inside the PS4 and X1. Not only that but without PC gamers supporting these companies Sony and MS would have to spend much more money in R&D and manufactering costs.

A brand new PS4 or X1, with the same exact specs as they have today, would cost much more than they cost now making consoles far less appealing and not selling aw well as they've been selling this generation. You can thank PC gamers for that.

Between the PC market and console markets, the PC market would without any doubt have a higher chance to sustain this industry on its own. Not even a constest.

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crazychris41241185d ago

yea how many times are we going to get an article about how some analyst thinks the consoles or pc markets will die out to mobile. Were still waiting after all these years. All 3 markets just keep growing and they aint going anywhere for a long, long time.

Germany71185d ago

I wonder where are these people now.

Transistor1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

That puts the Xbox One at under 12M, since we know the PS4 is 22M+.

Septic1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Flippin eck, just give it a rest... Why do you lot care so much? Just enjoy the healthy state of console gaming. Constantly one upmanship over sales is so tired.

ThunderSpark1185d ago


You really should care. Sales of a console usually determines how much support the said console will get further down the line. Why do you think third parties moved away from the Wii-U? Because of sales. Why do you think certain developers favor prioritizing games for one platform/ console over another? Because of sales. So, all in all Septic, sales do matter.

NeverHeavyMan1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

@ Septic: Quite frankly, based on your needlessly aggressive attitude, YOU appear to be the one that cares so much! I really don't see what he said that was so wrong.

OT: Interesting, though a combined total of 110 million by 2019 might be a tad low, given the PS4 should have most of that on its own by then. I'd lean closer to 120 million.

Transistor1185d ago

"Flippin eck, just give it a rest... Why do you lot care so much? Just enjoy the healthy state of console gaming. Constantly one upmanship over sales is so tired."

Is this a sales don't matter rant? I wonder how long people will run with that, with it constantly being in their face that they do.

If you're bitter about the numbers, maybe you should avoid these types of articles altogether.

Just a suggestion.

Kribwalker1185d ago

Sales don't really matter as much on the MS side, as long as they keep opening their wallets (which they can) they will never lose support like Nintendo has, especially with the support of nadela and the ease of porting games from PC to Xbox once DX12 hits. Sony fans depend on sales numbers like crazy because the games div is the only thing they have left that brings in money and keeps them afloat. You should know that by now septic

Transistor1185d ago

"Sony is sounding a triumphant note today, announcing that worldwide PlayStation 4 sales have exceeded 20.2 million as of March 1st."

"Sony Corp. revealed that it sold 22.3 Million PS4 consoles by the end of March 2015, while selling an additional 2.1 million consoles during the month."

OK, I was being nice by saying 22M+/12M.

It's more likely 23M+ for PS4 to under 11M for Xbox One.

r2oB1185d ago Show
Muerte24941185d ago

@ Transistor,

That is what I'm thinking. You have people suggesting that Xbox One is around 13M shipped as of March 31, 2015.

nix1185d ago

Transistor, that was the first thing that hit me when i saw the title.

@septic, stop being so bitter. lol. last gen sales mattered when 360 was selling well. now suddenly, it doesn't matter?

it matters because devs put more resources on the platform that's selling well, which in turn gets the best games. PS4 has been selling very good, surprisingly good, even without "great games". you know what's funny.. turns out even the games don't matter much. seems like people are just buying PS4 just because it's a better system.

if this number is by any means true then X1 has sold only 11 million. that's 50% less of what Sony has said they've sold. O:

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miyamoto1185d ago

So if you do the math...
24 million PS4s and 10 million XB1's shipped so far?

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OrangePowerz1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Well that gives some idea where the X1 could be sales wise since we know how many units the PS4 sold. Than again it's an estimate by a company.

uptownsoul1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Yeah but if a reputable publisher like Take2 trusts this company's estimate (during their financial conference call) it can't be too far off

Letthewookiewin1185d ago

So 22m PS4's and 12m X1's (my guess). Them some nice numbas.

rdgneoz31185d ago

Not too long ago, the PS4 was a little over 21 mill and the xbone was around 12. Not too bad.

nix1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

also not too long ago...

Dan_scruggs1185d ago

Sweet. By 2019 with their powers combine they will finally beat the Wii... wait what?

r2oB1185d ago

What do you mean "finally beat the Wii"? Sony already has two consoles that sold more than the Wii, and another that's still selling relatively well (with the potential to break 100 million sold IMO, with a price drop it could continue to sell well in tier 2 countries). The PS4 is also on pace to sell more than the Wii.

rainslacker1185d ago

Sony's already stated they'll likely drop the PS3 much sooner than they did the PS2 within it's lifespan. Parts sourcing issues was the reason given, although it's also possible that they would just like to move on as the PS3 is still expensive to make for a rather old console. Eventually the PS3 won't be worth the manufacturing costs, and the PS4 may even be cheaper to produce than the PS3 in a couple of years.

r2oB1185d ago

That makes sense. But I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility for it to sell 100 million. Time will tell.

rainslacker1185d ago

I'm sure it'll hit 100m before all is said and done. Last I heard they were at 85 million and it's still selling reasonably well.

Italiano12345671185d ago

So it's basically 22 or 23 million to 11 or 12 million in favor of ps4..that's huge

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