Take-Two to Bring More AAA Games from Their Portfolio to Mobile Devices, Fewer Console Releases

Take-Two Interactive recently held their quarterly earnings call with their investors and in the process they've shared a few interesting details regarding their plans for mobile and console releases over the next year, with the latter seeing fewer than the previous period.

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SlapHappyJesus1072d ago

I really don't like the state the games industry is in at the moment . . .

chrish19901072d ago

More games is a good thing, but when mega publishers expect to release (and potentially make more profit from,) mobile games, it does get me a little worried.

UltraNova1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Well I'd say if more top tier game companies follow suit (which they are) we're done for.

Thank GOD Sony has a ton of 1st party studios and MS is showing signs that they're taking 1st party development more seriously as of late, so no need to worry, for now.

freshslicepizza1072d ago

big titles cost a lot of money to make, they see more profit ratio return from mobile games. it's not hard to see why they choose mobile.

the thing is even though the ps4 is selling extremely well has the console market extracted or expanded over the past decade? are people buying more games or less on average? is the used market hurting them more than it did before now that e-bay and cragslist is so prominent? there are a lot of factors to consider but at the end of the day companies look at revenue and expenses.

sinjonezp1072d ago

I cannot agree more. The current state of gaming is one of profitability, sustainability, and sad to say...inability . I think as we seen, devs have hit a "wall" with creative content and big releases are considered gambles. In order to sustain , companies look to mobile releases because of the amount of smart devices in the wild. We looking at hundreds of millions of devices and that's a large market that companies want to tap into. With the current gen systems we have few and far in between quality releases with ridiculous amounts of DLC to profit from gamers. Additionally the "cash in" on remasters which cost little to sell old games at 1080p. If I were in charge of a development company I would use the resources gained in the mobile market to fund big projects. A company like take two can easily do this and fuel more console growth. With the sales figures of GTA V , the console market shows it is not dead and consumers are willing spend on console games. Granted the market has changed dramatically , consoles gaming is what got us to this point, and with the sales of almost 40 million ps4s and xb1s , the console market is alive and well and should be tapped more often then not. With the ease of development with these consoles, devs should be able to make quality games without breaking the bank. I believe companies can do more but they are and I hate to say it afraid ....fellow n4g'rs what are yall thoughts ?

TheSaint1072d ago

We just need to stop people spending insane amounts to unlock one green gem or some such BS.

Please people, just stop buying all this pointless stuff and we/you will get whole games for a single price.

Trekster_Gamer1072d ago

While I don't spend my money in this manner I would say who the hell are you to tell people how to spend their money? Good, bad or stupid it is up to the individual.

There are enough gamers to cater to just about every avenue of gaming.

TheSaint1071d ago

@Trekster_Gamer: Sure, because gaming ISN'T being ruined by micro-transactions, SMH.

As usual the minority spoil it for the majority.

I know you can't respond so I'll just say, it's not me that needs an attitude adjustment.

DeadlyFire1072d ago

Just wait for Cloud developed games in the future. Only one version of the game streamable to every platform. Until bandwidth makes that flawless we will continue to see a mobile\console\Pc split. Mobile games are just time killers not worth playing. People will tire of them at some piont.Its the flash sales that are so attractive. People dont keep up with every mobile game for very long.

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Ocsta1072d ago

When I said the mobile scourge would be the death of gaming no one believed me. Behold.

Kalebninja1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

its definitely happening, I mean we just lost konami and sega FUCKING SEGA . its crazy really.

clevernickname1072d ago


Greed being the active word here.

ShaunCameron1072d ago

Yeah. How dare those companies cater to a market that care about video games but don't really care for consoles?

clevernickname1071d ago

ShaunCameron, you misunderstand. Companies aren't investing in mobile AND console gaming, they are developing mobile gaming at the expense of console gaming.

DragoonsScaleLegends1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Lol mobile phones are probably the worst thing ever to happen to the gaming industry. I remember the days when flash games where free and didn't involve paying to get the next level unlocked. Actually I just insulted flash games by even comparing them. If only kids and casuals didn't have to be involved to fund the game industry and the developers actually realized having to pay for little bits of a game to actually play it is complete bullshit.

I don't want to believe my favorite hobby of playing games on a video game system is going to die... but when the amount of good big budget games being made are becoming rare it's not looking good. Plus 90% of the triple a games I bought on PS4 were buggy, bad framerate, bad story, short story, not worth $60, and ripped apart into dlc plans that you would realize after buying where even bigger disappointments than the already disappointing game. I mean LittleBigPlanet 3 was horrible at launch and still is bad. Sleeping Dogs still runs bad. Saints Row IV crashes almost every time I play it but get this unlike every other release that was buggy this gme to this day has not received a single patch. It still has a high crash rate yet no updates? I'm glad Sony allows us to type a message when sending in error reports because I tell them how much of a disappointment they are for allowing trash to represent their amazing brand. In my total playthrough of that game I probably had 25 random crashes. LittleBigPlanet 3 I had around 10 crashes, The Last of Us 5 crashes, and Battlefield 4 10 crashes. No other game I've played has crashed more than twice and BF4 I haven't had a crash in a long time but the framerate still goes to shit sometimes but Hardline is more steady.

Tsubasa-Oozora1072d ago

I think I know why.

I was reading this today.. "mobile gaming device"

"4K playback and AAA gaming with a competitive price tag"
"By plugging into the GRID, you will eventually be able to stream around 50+ AAA titles with roughly 3 times the power of the Xbox One"

They are talking about selling this thing for $299

ArnoDorian1071d ago

idk wat tht is but im buying tht

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