Take-Two: Evolve to be a Long-Term Franchise; Surprised at Holiday Success

Take-Two Interactive recently held their quarterly earnings call where the firm spoke to investors about the success of the past financial year and what to expect going on from Q4. One topic of conversation was the surprising success of numerous franchieses and how they plan to continue releasing more games in the respective series.

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uth111102d ago

"you like us, you REALLY like us!"

Army_of_Darkness1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

Dammit, I for once actually hoped this game would end up being a flop cause I see nothing but a gateway too excessive microtransactions for future games if it succeeds...

comebackkid98911102d ago

Whoever bought evolve deserves disk locked content.

RpgSama1102d ago

The game sold like gangbusters, all because of hype, but almost all quickly stoped playing it right after. The game made 2k money, but if they don't fix all the DLC issues they had with the game, all the money walls for content that should've been in the game, I don't think the next one will sell anywhere near as well.

kaizokuspy1094d ago

I was an early adopter, so when games like evolve and the order came out, I snatched them up digitally. I regret evolve bc the game mechanics really aren't suited well on console and the dlc, but hey that's what was new at a time where I was game thirsty. The order though it was short, has a great story and I'm glad I bought it. Though it gets a lot of hate and though it was mediocre, next installment will be amazing and less linear bc I and many others bought it giving the devs the necessary revenue and complaints to give the next one gangbusters status. That's why I love being a gamer. We as a hive have power.

crazychris41241102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

Must have sold like hotcakes on the consoles because it was a flop on PC. Its averaging a 1000 people a day on Steam which is embarrassing for a fairly new (released in February) Triple A title, its peak was 27k which gets you in or close to the top 10 on steam charts. Who knew people dont like a ton of dlc shoved in their face on day 1?

Erik73571102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I'll get it when steam sale kicks in and I get all the DLC.

I'm sure that's what majority of the gamers on pc are doing because we can get all that DLC and the game for like 30 Dollars instead of paying like $120.

If it wasn't for the DLC I would of bought it.

_-EDMIX-_1102d ago

....because GOTY don't exist any where else too bro!

FattyBoy3D1102d ago

It was an alright game. Not a world beater by any means but it has potential and can get better with more instalments.

Clown_Syndr0me1102d ago

I played this game for about 2 hours. It was awful. Severe lack of content and variety.

mhunterjr1102d ago

I doubt this game has any hope for being a long lasting franchise. Sure it sold decent numbers thanks to prelaunch hype, but I think player satisfaction is relatively low... I think most people will take a "fool me once..." Approach to it.

Given the low audience at the moment, I think Take2 should temper their expectation on further DLC sales. Few people will waste money on DLC for a game that has no community...

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