Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold-In More Than 52 Million Copies, 4th Best Selling Game Overall

GearNuke: "GTA V breaks new sales record for Take-Two Interactive."

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crazychris41241103d ago

Good now go out and buy some better servers. Still have issues at least once a week when trying to play online. Happens on both PC and X1

DarkLordMalik1103d ago

There are just too many users. Unless there is a magical technology to improve server performance, I doubt they can do anything. Just buying more servers won't help.

WellyUK1103d ago

Lol i'm sorry but that's utter BS... MMO's run fine with thousands of people on consistently. BS excuse. Rockstar are overrated the PC version isn't half as optimized as everyone says and then there support team is a joke, a remaster on "next gen" consoles that isn't even 60fps which laughable.

r1sh121103d ago

uhh @darklordmalik that magic technology is called scaling.
When more resources are required they get taken from a big pool.

InTheZoneAC1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

once a week is an issue for you?

I'm on ps4 and haven't come across any online issues...but what I find surprising is why you have a xbone despite being able to play games on your pc...

crazychris41241103d ago

I have these things called friends that only play on Xbox so I get games for that system so I can play with them.

nix1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

i know l love games but i would never buy same games on two platforms. i've seen many people do that. i just find it really surprising.

OT: woah... 52 million? that's freaking huge. i really didn't bother about GTAV after the bitter taste that was GTAIV. i just thought that game was pure crap compared to older GTAs.

IrishSt0ner1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

I play games on phone, pc & console.. there's plenty of times one suits more than the other. Also, more than ever it makes sense to have a Xbox console and PC, considering Windows kernel unification is inbound in the next few months - with the Xbox ecosystem and announced features (things such as buy a game once for a license on multiple platforms) coming to PC free of charge.

OT: Impressive numbers only bested by Tetris, Wii Sports and Minecraft. Double the lifetime sales of GTAIV. Kind of fitting for the most expensive AAA title ever made.

PurpHerbison1103d ago

Online is terrible. I consider myself lucky if I ever get into a decent race.

DoctorFry1103d ago

B*tch please, more like new Red Dead.

_-EDMIX-_1103d ago

lolz, got to agree with Multi, we can have both. I think we will see Red Dead 3 at E3 though.

_-EDMIX-_1103d ago

Extremely underrated game. Playing it on PS3 right now and LOVING IT!

Rockstar has enough teams to do LA Noire, Red Dead and Bully.

North did GTA, Vancouver did Bully, Team Bondi actually did LA Noire, San Diego actually did Read Dead. I think Rockstar Leeds might do the LA Noire sequel (or NY Noire!! DA HYPES) as they did the PC version and helped with the console version.

Red Dead and LA Noire are easy bets for sequels as they sold really, really well. Red Dead with 12 million, LA Noire with 5 or so million (last I remember anyway) will be very likely. But I can see a situation were we get all 3 though. (Hopefully)

I'm not sure why many don't factor in that Rockstar isn't 1 team....

SheenuTheLegend1103d ago

i would die happily after playing that lol.dont wanna miss this thing.

MasterD9191103d ago

Yet no mention of DLC...

N0TaB0T1103d ago

They've had a slew of free content (vehicles, guns) every update so far.

DoctorFry1103d ago

Talking about story DLC.

SonyWarrior1103d ago

they mentioned story dlc is in the works already.

Travis37081103d ago

I wonder when people will stop buying this game....

It's meh now, IDC how good they make the graphics..

Heyxyz1103d ago

If GTA 5 sells like GTA 4 did, people won't stop buying it until GTA 6 comes out. Most games have the majority of their sales in their first month of release, but GTA is different. GTA keeps selling. Literally over half of GTA 4s sales were from after launch.

hiredhelp1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

GTA havent really stopped selling well after launching any GTA title since GTA3 i dont think.
I agree they need start churning out some more older IPs they have.
LA Noir
Agent come on R* Listen to your fans
Smugglers Run
Midnight club

CaptainPunch1103d ago

*sigh* this is great and all but Rockstar seriously needs to start focusing on other games, the game sold as much as it ever will. Time to give us Red Dead 3, Bully 2, LA Noire 2, Agent, or a new IP.

InTheZoneAC1103d ago

Red Dead, sure
Bully 2, sure
GTA 6, I'm all for it in 2-3 years
LA Noire, was fun, but the appeal didn't last...

These aren't annual releases so no one should ever get tired of these amazing games

UltraNova1103d ago

I never had the chance to play Bully so what's so special that has you all talking about it?

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