Sony Brings Latest Project Morpheus Prototype to SVVR 2015

VRFocus reports on the news that Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is showcasing the latest version of its Project Morpheus HMD at SVVR 2015.

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JRobes1155d ago

that thing has got to be severely front-heavy.

Guyfamily9991155d ago

From what I've heard it's currently the most comfortable main VR headset, with good weight distribution on your head. Never tried any myself though.

The_Sage1155d ago

I've read the same thing. Out of the three it us the most comfortable.

xer01155d ago

That's what lots of journalists are saying.

The Sony headset is a lot more comfortable at this point.

DarXyde1155d ago

I'd love to see what's been improved. Last I heard, it was already pretty awesome.

WizzroSupreme1155d ago

Sony brings it every year. Hope Morpheus brings us the VR we deserve!