Kickstarter Watch: Combat Core Brings Back the Party Brawl

A four-man team wants to revive the spirit of games like Custom Robo and Power Stone, and give it stylish new life. With your help, they can make that goal a reality!

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Tonykid1158d ago

Wow a kickstarter game i can look forward to. Just a little sad it's not coming out on any sony products.

ZeoZan1158d ago

yeah they should support PS4

I really liked the game :"(

oSHINSAo1158d ago

Ahm, Where is Power Stone...

Tonykid1158d ago

Still waiting but while you wait you can get the original power stone on the PS network for vita

ZeoZan1158d ago

LOL where's the ps4 ??

N4g_null1157d ago

Sweet They should add amiibo support! Coming to wiiu yay! Should be fun.

Is it possible that ps fan not buying sony smash bro clone signaled them to not include the ps4? xbox guys will buy any thing.

You could do alot with that engine though.