The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Has A Unique Way Of Saving In-Game Screenshots On The PS4

GearNuke: "Normally when we save screenshots of any game on PS4, they are named automatically usually by their game name followed by the date + time of the screenshot. This is not the case for The Witcher 3 though, as the developers have used a unique naming scheme to save the screenshots on the PS4.

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MasterCornholio1036d ago

Well that's pretty nice.


thekhurg1036d ago

Two of my trophy screenshots are black screens because the trophy popped up during a scene transition so that's the screenshot the PS4 took. LOL

No, not lol, I'm actually kind of sad. :(

Bolts1036d ago

Make some space on those 500G HDD boys. You'll need room for the boobies shots and videos.

MasterCornholio1036d ago

Polygon dissaproves of your comment.



wakeNbake1036d ago

I usually just press the share button + triangle to save the screenshot, but its not exactly convenient in certain situations.

Takwin1036d ago

That is the combo to quick save the image. I've used it about 1000 times. Love how quick it is.

TheLordOfStuff1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

I just press share to save a pic, double tap to start recording... Is there really a difference between them? Normal one seems instant to me...

Peace_Love_and_FPS1036d ago

You can set different button combinations whether you prefer video or screenshots

TheLordOfStuff1036d ago


Yeah I know that but wakenbake said it wasn't convenient to use share and triangle, but why would you use a combo if you didn't find it convenient? Just pressing share is so simple,,,

And I posted to takwin because he said quick save, just curious if he meant something different.

I have hundreds if pics and God knows how many vids saved I know how to use the feature lol

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Silly gameAr1036d ago

That's a good tip. I didn't know you could do that.

boing11036d ago

Just hold share. No need for any combo.

1035d ago
boing11034d ago

Are you sure? Because i think it takes the screenshot from the moment you start holding share button.

Dynasty20211036d ago

Meanwhile, on PC there's already a mod, day one, that adds a "free camera" so you can take shots from any angle, distance etc.