The Witcher 3 Dev Talks Modding Weather, Crowds and Graphics to Make it Look More Like 2013 Trailer

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt unlocks in just three hours, and even if the RedKit isn’t out yet, you can be sure that PC gamers are going to comb the configuration files for everything they can mod.

Quest Desiger Philipp Weber gave some information on some of the things that we’ll be able to change.

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reynod1071d ago

Lets hope they release the Mod kits soon, So we see a Mod scene like skyrim.

With proper Mod tools no reason why this game cant be transformed to one of the best looking master pieces on the PC.

overlorduk1071d ago

It already is one of the best looking master pieces on the PC.

Zero1091071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

I canceled all plans for today and tomorrow. Even with all the negativity that came with the "downgrade" these past 2 wks, I can't wait to play one of the best and immersive RPGs made so far. This game is definitely a contender for goty.

Edit: you can always mod the look but the gameplay and story will remain the same. Which I think takes priority. Can't wait to use the mods though :D

1071d ago
MWH1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition including the broken promises is their only way for redemption.

TheHaloGuy1071d ago

Stop being dramatic. The game looks amazing :D

TheHaloGuy1071d ago

Omg I forgot about mods XD Yay!!!!!!!

starchild1071d ago

Mods are going to be awesome, the game already looks incredible. I have zero complaints about how the game looks. What I do have complaints about is the framerate. I'm getting frame latency spikes and it's showing up as stutter even on my gsync monitor. I hope I can figure out a fix. The game itself is awesome so far and the graphics look much better than the videos led me to believe, but I'll be very disappointed if I'm stuck with the stuttering.
If any of you are playing the PC version can you tell me if you are getting the same stuttering?