Witcher 3 Gameplay Looks Immaculate on the PS4 Even in 720p DVR Footage

EB: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is less than 12 hours from officially releasing to gamers around the world. We’ve had a copy for it on the PS4 for just about a day now, so in a mad rush to get started I had to rely on the PS4’s built-in game DVR to capture gameplay footage from the game’s opening segments and missions.

With that being said the footage you will see below is indeed in 720p even though the game runs at 1080p on the PS4. Quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter what resolution the footage is in to see just how brilliant the game’s visuals look on Sony’s latest console.

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TenBensons1036d ago

Looks great on PS4. Only 3 hours to go!

Elit3Nick1036d ago

lol at those disagrees, apparently you can only praise the PS4 on this site

Kal-V31036d ago

No no no, The game does look good on XB1 and PC. CDPR did an amazing job on it.

Link2DaFutcha1036d ago

Yeah, I'm a PS4 owner and all this hate bothers me. Play what you play on, everything looks great.

Rookie_Monster1035d ago


Lucky you add in PC, otherwise the Disagree will be much worst. Can't believe the insecure haters here. Happy gaming all regardless of which platform you play the game in.

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Link2DaFutcha1036d ago

Looks great everywhere! Can't wait! 2 HOURS!!!!

Wii_nes_0071036d ago

Hard copy for me so 7 hours here lol

LonDonE1036d ago

probably longer for me, bought off Amazon UK as i have done with every game for the last 15 years and since delivery could be any time tomorrow i am getting depressed thinking about people playing while iam not!
Been playing dark souls 2 on my PS4 to pass the times but man this is unbearable!!

I hope it arrives first thing tomorrow morning? i am a Amazon prime member and as long as they haven't used royal mail who are thieves i should be fine, sigh :(
Amazon logistics or dps are great and always fast!
Problem is i am a collector and so like having physical disks and covers so buying digital i avoid.
Saying that though my xbox one is completely full, only have 13gb free and my PS4 has like 30 or so gigs left.
I so need to buy a 2 terrabyte hard drive for each.

Either way enjoy everyone i know i will be hibernating once it arrives and have taken time off work too.
The wife and 2 kids are going to my in laws so i am prepared.

ps4fanboy1036d ago

2......hours..... Making sure I have a major pee and munch before , because I'm up all night.


I think i get it here in cali in 30 mins!!!