Wild Arms, Arc The Lad, Ape Escape & More: Many Old PlayStation IP Return in Anniversary Avatar Sets

There are many old PlayStation IP that haven’t seen a new game in a long time, but this doesn’t mean that Sony has completely forgotten about them.

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Relientk771184d ago

Bring all the old PS1 franchises back

thereapersson1184d ago

I second this motion!

Remember how revolutionary the control scheme for Ape Escape was? I'd like to see them do something similar with a new title and the DualShock 4.

Xof1184d ago

Those are PS2 franchises, too.

It's a crying shame the PS3-generation saw the death of so many great Japanese franchises. Only the Tales Of games really managed to make the transition. And Disgaea, I guess.

KryptoniteTail1184d ago

I freaked out in joy for half a second when I got to the word "return" but came crashing down when I read "avatar." Not fair.

MegaRay1184d ago

"Japanese only" <- This annoyed me too.

luis_spartano1184d ago

Where the hell is SYPHON FILTER?!

I hate how sony forget and neglect this IP!

SonyOnly41184d ago

How do you think us medievil fans feel after last week being kicked square in the nuts near overjoyed to see something after 10 whole years only to find out it was fake.......
Sony won't listen to us they are so stubborn it annoys me.

luis_spartano1184d ago

I know what the fans felt, because I'm one of them!

Relientk771184d ago

The MediEvil thing really hurt

PhoenixUp1184d ago

If Sony actually cared they'd make PS1 and PS2 Classics available for PS4

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