The Co-op Podcast #118: Xbox One Tops PlayStation 4 On April NPDs

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes:

"Welcome to another edition of The Co-op Podcast. This week we have a full cast on to discuss the interesting April NPD numbers. Xbox One was the top selling console in April, but can Microsoft do enough to keep up this momentum moving forward? Listen as Richard Bailey Jr. Charles Singletary Jr. Jakejames Lugo, Michael A. Anthony Frasier and I debate on whether Microsoft can sustain this lead.

Also on this week’s so, we begin to give our early E3 2015 predictions. With the event less than a month away it’s a great time to start talking about what we may possibly see. Be sure to keep listening in the weeks ahead for more thoughts on what we might see at E3."

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Venomousfatman1103d ago

E3 is going to be a ton of fun this year. Lots of stuff to look forward to, lots of surprises incoming.

rbailey1103d ago

Good to hear that more Xbox One's were sold last month, but this hardly means anything as far as Microsoft catching up. Sony has a significant lead and I fully expect that to remain the same based on the same with Uncharted 4 and Street Fighter 5 coming out next year. The holiday lineups for both companies will still be interesting though.

otherZinc1100d ago


I completely disagree.

The holiday lineups only favor XBOX ONE with Halo 5,Forza Motorsport 6, & Fable Legends; PS4 has nothing but Indie Games.

XBOX ONE will have Windows 10 & DirectX 12, PS4 nothing.

2016, Uncharted 4 will run into Gears of War, again, a franchise Uncharted has been destroyed by with each iteration. Besides, Uncharted is not = to Halo, there's no comparison.

This race is long from over & Sony is showing absolutely nothing to keep a sales lead.